Hungarian Hunks From Budapest

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It all happened when I was 16 when I got suspended from school for fighting I got scolded at home but they told me I couldn't leave the House
In order to do that my mother invited a family friend of Ildi who with two children had time to keep her beautiful figure in check What can I say? I could tell that for a 31-year-old he could have denied 10 years
Tuesday morning at exactly 8: 00 he rang the doorbell at the front door and I went to open the door wearing a shirt and sweatpants As soon as I opened the door I looked at his body surprised and somewhat perplexed and his clothes were both solid and seductive She was wearing a white T-shirt that highlighted the beautiful symmetry of her breasts and a pair of tight pants that were attached to her buttocks He had a smile on his face which was very tempting and I wanted to kiss him right there but I had to control myself
My mother had just come out of the kitchen and stood right next to me at the door
- I'm glad you were free Ildi I'm sorry to ask you to do this
Ildi smiled and waved at me
- Come on it's no problem and I might be able to talk some sense into him
My mom started laughing so I went back to my room while they were talking at the door And I sat at the machine and looked up at my sides but every minute a little red in my head Ildi's breasts appeared as they rocked and stunned my eyes I shook my head and I kept thinking and I kept seeing more and more perverse images of what I would do to them I was up on MSN thank God my friend was up and we had a good talk and I told him everything that happened
He wrote in amazement I knew he was completely surprised until I told him who my mother had invited All he could do was send smile and wonder After a good hour of talking I left and went to the kitchen for a drink and Ildi was sitting on the chair looking at me I could feel his lovely blue eyes staring at me
- What are you doing?
I turned to him and I saw something I'd never seen in my life She was sitting in the chair with her upper body completely naked her breasts swaying and she was also beckoning My word has stopped and it is hard to believe that such a pretty and desirable woman is sitting there giving my eyes the charms without any confusion
- Because drink I'm here
In a trembling voice I had almost ruled out the outside world and I reached that point when I wanted to go there and attack him He still had a sweet smile on his face when he stood up and walked slowly towards me my heart was not leaping out of its place
- By the looks of it we need to deal with this problem - Then he slipped his left hand in my trousers and grabbed my stiff tool through brass knuckles
- I promised your mother I'd talk to you and that's what I'm gonna do
All I could think about was wanting to do it with him Suddenly my body was faster than my brain and I kissed him on the mouth As I caressed her palate with my tongue I waited so long for her to slap me Instead he put his right hand in my hair and with his hand in my pants he beat my tool slowly
As our lips parted we looked deeply into each other's eyes and said:
- You're not supposed to you know?
Here I knew that the-the God wouldn't end here
- I don't care
His face was first replaced by surprise and a smile He took his hand out of my pants which I sincerely regretted but then he did something I've only ever seen in porn movies She started rocking her hips and her hands pulled down her pants and panties and I watched the whole thing with my mouth open As soon as his pants fell to the ground his face turned a little red but his smile didn't change
- Come on then
I started walking towards him and I kept telling myself that it was just a dream that it couldn't happen in real life As soon as I got in front of him I pulled down my pants with my boxers and my stiff tool jumped out I put my arms around him and we started kissing again and we discovered each other's bodies I caressed every inch of her bottom deeply and sensuously when on the way forward I felt the sweet sap of her pussy between my fingers As I caressed the women's most sensitive spot I found the clitoris which I accidentally rubbed heavily on Ildi's body began to tremble with a faint sigh
- No no no
I felt good when I said it out loud but I did it a little hard the first time I smiled and took his chin with my hand and lifted it up
- I love you
- Me too I love you
I led him to the table that was nicely laid out with a white tablecloth in the middle with a vase with a tulip in it I took him to the table and laid him on his back with my eyes I looked carefully at his body I put my hand on her breasts and then leaning closer I began to lick her nipples with my tongue slowly()


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