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"You said something about massage creams and oils" I began but you didn't even wait for the sequel
- Want me to give you a massage? - he asked
- You know - I started
- yeah well now that we're even we could continue like this - I waited a while - clean slate- then I finished my roundabout speech
- yeah after the bath it's like a stili
- What score? - he asked me back pretending to be confused
- What what? - I asked him back and I kept going
- yeahI enjoyed it three times"you enjoyed it three times
He went into the bathroom and came back with a box put it on the table sat down and started showing his kit Tubes bottles and bottles were found each with an exhaustive information I listened with great interest to your story about the effects of one drug on the human body
"How do you know so much" I interrupted taking a breath
- I've been reading all kinds of secret Far East philosophy and I've found a way to try them all methodically
"There is this cream for example" he began and talked at length about the fact that because of its most vasodilating effect it has an astonishing capacity to stimulate sexual desire During foreplay you rub them thinly into each other's bodies not leaving out the genitalia and after rapid absorption every touch that starts to work will result in an explosive protruding impulse that won't stop With a fuck like that it's almost a relief to come and it's natural for both parties to fall asleep But when they wake up as if they were reborn such boundless happiness spreads in the body
"Or there is this" said he " a vial of liquid whose vapor of which results in such a intoxication that it is almost unconsciously passed over to the person who wants to fuck it" It's interesting how men and women use it There are times when one's daughter has eyes for a half-assed boy who might even be a simpleton but once she's sucked into the vapor free from all her inhibitions she can't escape
"I hope that the greatest failure for my fellow men is to come early and their lover will be fired up unsatisfied" he began with his speech on new mechanisms of action " but if this cream is massaged on the stiff the erection lasts for hours I'm sure the ladies will be delighted and he winked at me He told me he read about a case where a couple had sex with an erection maintained for more than a day during treatment
'They probably could have tried many figures but they could have been on ice for days' he concluded with a smile and asked him:
- Which one would you like us to try?
- I don't know about that - I started to simulate a breakdown "do we need such a thing now" I continued and then in silence I suddenly asked:
 Or was the passion of the previous hours just some kind of witchcraft? - and I answered immediately automatically to my question
- yeah because then of course I don't mind
"Oh no" he said " it was all without help" with these drugs we can help us enter other spheres of erotica
- Oh I see - I told you
- but if this is the right space for me Can you offer me something exciting? - I asked him and I winked at him with an accomplice and as I approached him I crouched down in front of him I was staring at his penis and I said:
- If I wake up this little fake will do
- Goodgood I believe you"but what do you say I cast all kinds of spells and give you a nice menthol oil massage" he concluded pining childishly I had to give in I lay down on the bed with my head stretched out and my head turned to the side but I asked:
- Dear masseur shouldn't I put something underneath so I don't grease your bed?
- Yeah"I was about to tell you" he said stepping up to one of the lockers to get out a sheet
We put him on the bed and I failed again He touched my shoulder with a caress and it was as if he were playing an instrument his fingers glided across my body as he mapped the terrain I closed my eyes to relax more He did not touch me for a few moments and then I felt his fingers on my back again and it became evident from the excitable glide of them that he had already oiled his hands His soft movements became more and more powerful but it was very good to have all the grip pressure and smoothness He kneed through my upper torso and then there was another pause and he started from the bottom of one of my legs up using strong firm touches When he reached the base of my thigh he went down the other way()


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