Hungarian Fuck Fest

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I didn't know my father She left when I was little I haven't heard from him since But I don't care
My mother is a beautiful woman She gives herself she takes care of her looks She was 24 when she gave birth 26 when my father left him I remember he would have had many suitors but when things started to get serious he would always back down I'm the one with all his love And I confess I'm spoiled But we were fine Very well Just the two of us
I always looked at her with admiration I was sure I had the most beautiful mother in the world A tall Room smiling pretty face black curly hair black sad eyes Full womanly yet firm breasts slender waist broad hips firm buttocks long muscular legs Even young boys my age turned up on the street after him so attractive
For as long as I can remember we've always had a natural relationship Hugs kisses caresses I loved the way he cherished me We used to fall asleep in his bed cuddling up I had a beautiful childhood
But slowly I began to grow up and grow up And physical contact was becoming more and more uncomfortable for me When you're 11 you're more interested in sexuality And it really bothered me that I was reacting to mom's advances in a very different way than I used to It made me inhibited that her hugs and kisses would give me sexual arousal While it used to be natural for him to walk around in his underwear sometimes naked it would bother me because sooner or later he would take my eyes off me and I would not look at him the way a child should look at his mother
When I realized that I was physical and I started masturbating my fantasies were always filled with The Shape of a mother It made me feel guilty but even though I tried to hide it it kept coming back and forth I'm used to it And I put up with it
I'll get to the actual event It's not easy to talk about though
I was 17 years oldI was a big-league teenager Summer vacation's finally started My friends and I were planning to go to the Balchi for two weeks in early August take a break But it took money That's a lot of money But we've never been so rich in our time so some of my closest friends and I have been looking for a little seasonal work We're on a construction site a construction worker
I don't want to get into that part too much but the point is it was an accident I was a fool not to let go of a rope in time to put various things on the roof and it burned the wine from both hands The doctor made me beautiful white gloves
And why is that relevant? My Dear Emes think of the clean-up I was forced to accept that mom was brushing my teeth brushing my teeth dressing me undressing me and Yeah he gave me a bath And that's where it all started
I was sitting in the tub mom was washing my back and I was embarrassed What if
- Get up so I can soap you up
When my dick started washing I could feel the blood pouring in and I got a hard-on I was so embarrassed I looked at my mother stealthily and I saw her staring down her eyes and blushing but she said:
- Don't worry son it's natural Your body only reacts the way it's supposed to It's all rightit's all right
- Yes you do - I thought to myself - If you only knew how I felt
That night I was lying in my bed with a cock standing all night and I couldn't even get it off because of my bandaged hands
The next night we took it easy We were joking we were laughing but deep down inside me there were wild thoughts And I've noticed that my mother is more and more concerned with cleaning up my genitals
As the days passed the evening bath became some kind of ritual Get undressed get in the tub wash get a tail up get a towel get dressed
When I finally got the bandage off my hand I still pretended to be in a lot of pain Guess you know why
At last the day came when I was able to clean myself but by that time I had the mind of my own which I wished for my mother mad and Mad All I could think about was his soft tender warm hands as he stroked my prancing dick from the bottom to the tip gently massaging the soap foam across my testicles crawling across my buttocks
So I had had my first time in my own bath and I was rubbing my hands with medicinal cream and my mother like so many times before undressed in front of me took off her clothes and went into the bath to take a shower I carefully glanced over her side to admire her beautiful mature womanly form again but knowing that I was getting an erection I ran out of the bathroom in a panic and locked myself in my room I got into my bed I put the blanket on and I started masturbating In other words I tried more precisely because my palms were still very sensitive so it was only after a relatively long period of ejaculation()


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