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You're tired you come home you feel like you could use a shower You're taking off your miniskirt then your top You turn off your bra your bosom is filled with fine sweat All you're wearing is a pair of wet panties from the humid hot weather soon you'll come out of it gracefully and walk naked into the shower You're leaking water it's cold and now you're enjoying it You pass yourself off as a thrill of refreshment with your eyes closed Your thighs stretch your legs curl your nipples stick stiffly You raise your face the already lukewarm water will wash it gently After a while you can feel the excitement in your groin you really want someone with you right now You spread your legs a little you sigh The water flows down in streams you can feel its caress on the inside of your thigh as the water flows down You hold the shower head with one hand you can't hold it with the other and you start stroking yourself your nipplesand then it's stiffening You play the game with little moans completely immersed
Then you feel someone's there I walked in and watched you do it in silence You see the swelling in my pants You don't get embarrassed you smile and you take my hand and you pull me into the shower I'm in my clothes it's wet but you're gonna take my shirt off real quick()


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