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He was elbow deep in his bag by the time he found the apartment keys He opened the garden door walked through the lightly snowy lawn and opened the door to his apartment To his surprise he found his daughter in the living room in front of the TV If he'd known someone would hear his bell he wouldn't have gone to so much trouble with the keys
- Hi sweetie- he greeted me with kindness and a smile - I didn't know you were home Shouldn't you be hanging out with your friends or Milana?
- Milan will be here soon and we'll go for a walk and look at clothes He doesn't know about the latter though  she was screaming at her mother and she went into the kitchen  Until then I came down to watch TV so I could hear the doorbell ring
- Yeah I get it - he said he came out of the kitchen and sat next to Krista with a glass of orange juice in his hand - What kind of clothes do you want to look at? I've been shopping for like three weeks
 I didn't think of anything specificI just want to look around You know maybe the new spring collection is here "Krista replied as she was changing between the music channels" - What are you doing home so early?
- Boss let me go early said there's no more work for me today so I can come home - he said and then after a break he added it  I think he just sent me home so I wouldn't know who he was screwing on his desk
- Are you surprised? After you went after one of his clients
- The nice client winked at me first and besides the business didn't have a problem with that - he's a little preoccupied - She had such a nice ass you couldn't resist and those sensual lips that he kissed and licked
- Oh Mom don't start now Milan is coming- Krista answered with a slight blush
 Don't accuse me of something you would have done in my place "she whispered in her daughter's ear the wise thought and then kissed her neck and the blush on her face turned red and her body trembled as Krista"
- Mom This is not the time you know Milan - she was weak in the face of maternal indulgence which only increased Margitka's desire and glued her lips to her daughter's lips Krista kissed the loving touch back and stopped resisting
The two burning creatures slowly embraced each other and drew closer together on the couch It was placed under Krista's mother after Margitka got rid of the half-empty glass
She was a 37-year-old married woman with a child Krista She was in her early days a fiercely fit woman Over the years he has lost nothing to the impulse of his teenage self He was medium height a little but pleasantly full with a bigger butt and breasts She'd dyed her brown hair blonde for years and once a week she'd go to a tanning salon for ten minutes for a refreshing skin color He had his lips pumped up once but only in strict measure With her perky brown eyes with proper food and exercise she didn't need any other surgery
She was a desirable 16-year-old He had inherited his mother's figure though not quite large at all but as for her shapely masculine looks he had followed in his mother's footsteps Her thin lips and her little nose are also from her mother's side But his eyes were brighter and more gentle than his mother's All in all his whole face was gentle with his tiny freckles and his wavy light brown hair He takes after his father in nature He was calm patient easily enticed and devoted He was open to new things and nothing good ever got messed up
Margitka savagely tasted her daughter's tongue and began to unbutton her pink blouse Krista's mother went through her blonde hair and she could barely keep up Her mother soon revealed the charms of her blouse she did not care to take off her blouse she spread it out and through her white lace bra she stirred the large breasts Through the thin material you could quickly see and feel that the nipples of Krista rose stiffly Margitka had just pulled the soft material under Krista's left breast to put it in her mouth and suck her daughter's nipple when the bell rang
- It must be Milan - she jumped up and would have been in a hurry if her mother hadn't held her hands
- Calm down I'll let him in - she was quiet  Until then just stay here and don't get dressed I'm sure Milan will take the shopping better after a little relaxation - he winked at his daughter and went for her
According to Krista's mother he didn't touch you She let her unbuttoned blouse and her uncovered left bosom greet her boyfriend enticing
Milan appeared in bright blue jeans and a butter shirt in the living room Looking at Christ His blood flow accelerated immediately
- You don't mind Do you Milord if we loosen up a little bit with Christ before you go for a walk? "while Margitka in a charming inviting tone made her wish to the young boy stroked over his shirt and grabbed his groin


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