Hot Bromance in the Locker Room

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Thanks to the Torte - Net guards and the dear readers This story could not have happened without them What happened was after the story of Sylvis a girl from Austria came forward and she and her friend would like to play the story with me along with my girlfriend I was sure someone wanted to mess with me and she's not really a 24-year-old girl she's a 17-year-old bug-eyed kid I was bored so I answered the letter I wasn't surprised when another letter came Summa-Summa we've been writing letters for a couple of days asking questions discussing each other's sexual habits And then at the end of last week I asked him when I could come Being careful because I was still of the opinion that someone was playing with me I regret to inform him that my finances are not so good I cannot pay for the train The next morning I read my letters and I couldn't spit and swallow when one of them told me to go to the West and pick up the ticket at the international counter with such a name and password By the miracle of miracles the ticket was there That's when I got a little worried about what was going to happen ' cause I wasn't expecting anything serious It is one thing to imagine that one meets three beautiful women and another is to take the form to satisfy them Never mind I'm so vain that I trust myself it shouldn't be a problem I'll just get tired properly Over the next few days we've been working out some details about where I'm supposed to go when and all that Since I have already admitted to having no permanent partner at the moment one of Elvish's girlfriends will play his role It'll be interestingI was so excited I got on the train Thursday morning to arrive in Vienna early this afternoon I'm staying at a friend's houseI'm not supposed to see the girls till Friday night In the meantime I'll scout the area and take a look around Viennait's been a while since I've been there
Friday came and I rang the bell wearing my fiercest face He lived in a nice little family house in the suburbs of Vienna with a nice garden and cheerful plants I liked the house from afar so I took it as a positive sign He had sent me a portrait of himself so I recognized him as soon as he opened the door: long dark brown hair which for my sake was tinted with a faint scarcely visible shade of red (this combination makes me mad) with fluffy slippers on his feet and his thin body wrapped in a white robe He must have come from the shower because his hair was soaking wet but it gave him such a charming look I thought I'd melt right there
- Hi - hi "he cried merrily and jumped on my neck"
She was a short girl maybe 160 if she could I'm sure the kind reader is familiar with this type: tiny shapely so fond of someone you love at first sight As little as he was he had the same energy: after two kisses he dragged me into the apartment and I had no time to wake up and I was standing in the living room and he was all around us
 This is Bea who's going to play Kitty and she loved your story so much he introduced me to one of the girls He was tall shoulder-length light brown proud owner of his hair mesmerizing blue eyes I didn't have time to take a closer look because Sweety already introduced the third player
- Gergő This Is My Love Viki She's gonna play Sylvi so take good care of her ' cause she's got really sensitive tits - she giggled coquettish
- And I'm gonna be your girlfriend - he held me like a purring kitten put his arm around me and put his head on my chest I caressed her messy hair and then locked in my arms I finally got a chance to look around
The room was simply yet tastefully furnished: a large window on the wall where the sun comes in in the morning now only the street lights were lit as far as the curtains allowed Under the window was a short couch with a giant cat on it I've never seen him this big he was almost as big as his master He was curled up asleep Before that a glass table with all kinds of snacks: popcorn Krusty et cetera Next to the table is a sofa long and wide soft to look at you can sit in and watch a movie on TV across the street The TV was embedded in a cabinet There were books on one side and a bar on the other In the corner of the couch and the couch there was a chair
On the floor there is a matching Persian rug in the corner door-as later revealed-towards the bedroom The walls were a little strange to my taste but I have to admit they fit the mood of the apartment: they were colorful cheerful a little messy It's not messy no Capricious that's the word
- I see you've prepared a lot Are we gonna watch a movie?


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