His sister’s lover

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My story happened last summer at my cousin's wedding It was crazy hot so I chose the lightest of the two options: pink tight dress up to the ankles split half a thigh on the side deep neckline on the front neck tie leaving my back completely free This was my bridesmaid's dress which was quite a success for the male members of the wedding party after my breasts (not quite small indeed) they looked at my ass It made me feel good that they found me attractive and sexy though they could have looked me in the eye more
I was with my friend who we understood each other very well anyway and now he's looking wide open and that's the first time he saw me in this dress Since he wears boxer shorts and the fabric pants don't really keep a low profile his underwear started to grow And then of course I got turned on and my nipples got hard and they saw themselves through the tight clothes It was only 4: 00 so I tried to think of something else After the wedding hall and the church we finally arrived at the restaurant We sat in the garden section with the young friends and family to keep the mood up Since dinner hadn't started yet we started drinking After the fourth glass I had a good time because I hadn't eaten all day I'm not much of a dancer and I don't like to show off but then I dragged my date into the dance floor and we tried to pick up the pace
It wasn't easy the heel of my sandals was pretty high so mostly Bela (my friend) kept me They finally made the first course of the menu so we were in a hurry to eat After dinner the real party started everybody danced and mostly drank The mood was crazy there were like 80 of us At my partner's request they started playing a slow song which I really needed because my feet were burning and the young wife was tired Bela pulled me in and whispered in my ear "I can't believe it"what I didn't understand at first Then he went " I can't believe you're my girlfriend You're beautiful you're the most beautiful girl in the world"That was very good to hear and since I was under the influence of alcohol that was enough to get me going
I felt my breasts tense my pussy tingle and wet I whispered in my friend's ear "I'm not wearing any panties"I knew he'd be ready for this and he was With his eyes he began to search for a place to retreat to for a few minutes We found it; we walked down the street leading to the restaurant in the darkness and then we stopped at one of the fences Right there he put on my dress and he found my completely shaved pussy Meanwhile I unbuttoned his pants and pulled his hard-ass dick out of the boxer's slot At first I just licked him gently with my hands and handled his balls He crouched down spread my legs started licking me but I wouldn't let him for long because I wanted to feel his dick in my mouth Now I'm on my knees sucking his dick sucking his dick I didn't have to do it for longhe came in my mouth Of course I went too ' cause I was excited with his fingers


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