guy passionately fucks his married friend

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When they were both ready they reached out to each other satisfied After a while Tommy picked up the TV remote and started looking through the programs again On the first film that got his attention a muscled man fucked a woman kneeling in front of him with a hot body sucking the dick of a guy sitting across from him When it pulled it out of her mouth and grabbed her enormous dong to spray all over her face Tommy's penis began to stiffen He continued to observe with interest the three moving almost at the same pace but reaching out one hand he reached out and grabbed his sister's breast
"You have good breasts" he said as he began to rub his palm against the bulging nipple -
- Harder - Marilyn moaned - Rub it as hard as you can
Tommy grabbed her chest harder and he was squeezing her nipples between the thumb and index finger of the other hand
'That's very good' she murmured with pleasure - Don't stop
"I will not" said Tommy " but let us go down to the ground now"
By his hand he pulled his sister down on the soft carpet He laid her on her back took her belly between her thighs and began to suck on her beautiful nipples which she sighed with pleasure For a while he allowed his brother to squeeze and squeeze his brother's hand and his mouth to suck his breasts full of strength but then he reached down and grabbed the male member which had once again grown hard
- Wow That was fast kid
He didn't even hesitate much but first he pulled the foreskin off him and then he started beating him fast With the other hand he enjoyed the smooth skin of the boy's cock and the smooth skin of his swollen scrotum where no hair had yet grown In the meantime he rose above the boy bent his head over his groin and drew his beautiful arched lips on his round Acorn Tommy moaned Marilyn felt in her mouth how hot the boy's pinkish glistening acorns were He held the rigid rod at the base and with his tongue again and again he licked the moat around the Acorn
His brother was as excited about it as the girl's breasts were dangling in front of him the whole time He grabbed his sister's tight ass with both hands practically pulled her over and put them in position 69 Marilyn clutching the base of the damage as much as she could put the rigid pole in her mouth
Meanwhile Tommy was enjoying the sight of his sister's wet shiny cunt He thought it was perfect With his hand he smoothed the smooth Venus mound and with his tongue he licked several times the shaved labia from which the hair began to grow again When he opened the labia with his fingers there was a intoxicating scent
He stretched out his tongue and pushed the tip of his tongue into a wet vagina Then he took it between his lips and began to suck on the pre-shriveled red glistening clitoris It turned Marilyn on With his hand he held over one of his breasts and began to rub his palms against his emerging nipples In the meantime he did not stop licking and sucking the boy's cock
"Lick me more my dear" said he with his mouth full - I want you so bad
With his lips he seized the boy's excruciating injury and pressed his groin against his face with a strong nod of his head Tommy felt her lower body vibrate on his face and then he wriggled with pleasure Marilyn's body was flooded with orgasms her head stretched back and she screamed loudly:
- Aah aah This is crazy
In the meantime he sat with his hands on his hips on the face of the boy below him who licked him even more intensely She rolled her upper body back and forth her breasts swung left and right
She hasn't had an orgasm like that in a long time Her whole body was writhing with pleasure After the last long voluptuous scream he fell sideways on the carpet
- Thanks Kid "I haven't had an orgasm like that in a long time" he said to Tommy when he woke up 'But you are still behind' he added pointing to the boy's apparent loss - Get up


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