Group Therapy – Legend

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I've waited a long time to try this on someone worthy of it We're talking about a very decorative lady 5 '10" 5 ' 10 " pretty figure nice sensitive breasts sexy butt skinny jeans I have everything I want We're old acquaintances and I didn't hide the fact that if we're not dating anymore I'd like to spend at least one night with her because I wish An early evening conversation on skypeon where he came out of it that he wasn't as neutral as he wanted to be We talked and I told him how much I wanted to do it and I remembered an old wish I wanted to do with him: come over now into jeans be a tight hip but no underwear underneath be a tight top but no bra and ring the bell like this
She objects not to of course I suspected that this is the female sex which means yes but she's asking for it I don't like it when people play hard to get but it's kind of girlish for me but for her that was exceptionally sweet I knew she wanted to come over
That's when I got a phone call that I had to go to work for half an hour I told him to wait for mewe'll continue this It turned into an hour I got home he wasn't around I figured he had better things to do he went to the movies with the girls like he planned so I'm not sitting here either so I'm going downstairs to talk to my bartender friend I went to take a shower and I started getting dressed and I was wearing my boxer shorts and jeans when I heard the doorbell Well it wasn't the neighbor lucky for me I opened it and there she was A small cloth coat gently unbuttoned I could see the coolness of the outside and I looked through the top of the top at the sharp nipples of his iliac arm a worn narrow pipe through which he could see his shapely legs I didn't ask too many questionsI just looked at her I smoothed her face with my hands I leaned close and kissed her I grabbed her ass with my hand and I put her in the apartment I locked the door with my foot and he was slammed into the hallway wall We were face-to-face and I kissed her constantly and I took off the coat that fell to the ground and we didn't leave the top of her head for long and I tore it off so excited He stood on the ground with one foot and the other foot on the Little cabinet where I keep my keys and papers Her legs were spread gently in tight jeans and her breasts were firm in my hands He put his hand on the hook of the hall wall reached over his shoulder and held on as I pressed him against the wall held his breast in my hand and kissed him in turn and bit him sharply with my teeth I didn't excite him hard I excited him with my sharp teeth and I looked up at his face and I saw his eyes closed he played with his tongue and he bit his lips I touched her breast with my sharp teeth and she bit her lips more and more and the gentle moans left her mouth I reached down with my hand and gently pressed my hand over her thigh and with my other hand I grabbed her breasts not gently but not roughly I patted her gently grabbed her bit her and licked her breasts in turns I could smell his body I could smell the fresh-showered scent the perfume on it and I would go up and I would just breathe the smell of it and I'd get deep in it and then with a great sigh I would slowly exhale and I would go up and sigh which was good for him too He took his hand off the hook and began to caress my back and he wanted to smell what I smelled like to smell the fresh after-shower smell that wasn't sprayed with perfume He sniffed and kissed my neck and then we kissed wildly and our hands caressed each other's upper bodies and he put his palm on my chest and he caressed my breasts and I caressed his back I stopped kissing him I took his foot off his little footstool and I turned him over and I pushed him back to the hallway wall He put his foot up again but he put it all up against the wall his butt out his chest pressed against the mirror as his face was caressed by the glass of the mirror I kissed her neck whispered in her ear her name pet name and told her how much I cared about her how much I wanted her how I wanted her I had my hands all over her ass and pressed it all the way to the mirror grabbed her hard ass and slapped her hard little ass and I kissed her neck on her shoulder and down her back and I kissed her shoulder gently along her spine on her waist I touched it with my hand First of all I was excited through the jeans as the tight jeans stretched over her vagina and I started pulling the jeans with my finger letting the rough tissue thrill her lips and clitoris He was more sensitive than the clitoris and I could hear him more in his voice and I could feel on the jeans that he was very wet getting wet I caressed him a little bit more then I rose up whispered in his ear and he got more excited and I stood behind him stroking him with my hands in his belly not touching his unbuttoned jeans just kissing his ear and moaning softly let him feel how excited he was()


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