Giving my son what he loves (with some help from his Uncle)

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I can't sleep I'm tired my dick is resting flat the stuff's been twisted out of it My mother snores next to me she's tired of fucking too
It's been a year
What's happened since then:
On that wonderful day my mother beat my dick drunk and gave me mouth-to-mouth satisfaction What a wonderful vacation
The next few days were pretty hectic The day after the incident my mother gave me all the responsibility for taking advantage of her unfortunate situation We had a big fight about that of course He locked himself in the room all day and never came out The poor guy looked pretty bad he was hungover on the one hand and on the other hand what happened last night was pretty emotional Of course I went to the beach I finally made it to Greece so I had to take advantage of the beach We had a little chat last night went down to dinner but it was really cold in here I told him how much it felt to me how wonderful he was But he didn't carehe kept saying it was all my fault
The next day the group went to see Athens It was hot the air conditioning didn't work on the bus so it was fun We got tired we showered we slept
The next morning my mom got a little soft Someone else admitted it was a little his fault too
- But it's mostly your fault - he called it out
I was getting a little tired of the accusations so I called back quietly (it's not good for everyone at the hotel to hear):
- What? Who the hell sucked my dick? Me? Whose fault is it? Who sucked his itsy-bitsy son's Dick? I just let him Why did I let you do it? Because it was fun It's not good it's phenomenal It was incredible it was one of the highlights of my life Having you as a mother makes this great experience even more wonderful
My mother was a little quivering in anger but she didn't say anything
I kept going:
- Am I to blame? Who's been sucking his brother's dick for years? Me? Is it my fault? Did I cheat on my father with my brother? Me? Am I sad that my brother can't get his dick up and satisfy me? Me? Me?
- Okay you're right It's my fault it's all my fault I brought you into this world I raised you I fed you "I have raised you to be someone who takes advantage of your poor mother's vulnerable situation" said Mommy
- I'm sorry son - he said it at last and embraced me
I was irritated by the warmth of her body my head pulled between her breasts I held her She started caressing me there was nothing erotic about it only the mother caressed her son He grabbed my face and pulled me to his face and kissed me on the cheek
- Forget it son What happened didn't happen - he told me He thought it would put an end to the whole thing
But I didn't want to my ass
- No mom I don't want to forget It was so wonderful Erotic and fantastic and sexy and hot Do you think I can forget? I've never been with a girl no one's ever touched my dick and loved it No one's ever sucked me off before Do you think I can forget? It's been two days and you think when I went to the bathroom what was there in my mind when I jerked off? What do you think?
- No no no no Don't say that WE HAVE TO FORGET THIS That didn't happen - he said it a little hysterical
- I can't mom Ten years from now the memory may fade but right now it's the only physical sexual memory I have The contents of a porn tape are forgetful but the first sex experience is forgetful?
- No I know You can't forget it- he admitted it I guess she had her first sex experience with her brother
- What do you think if we go see my brother Laci or Aunt Juli then what will come to mind?? What if I meet Aunt Juli's kids what do you think I'm gonna think about? What if we go see Grandma? All I can think about is that down there in the field there's the Willow where you two were together
- Don't say that - he begged
- What do you think? - I asked him back
- Try to forget it
- I don't know AND I DON'T WANT TO I want to remember every moment of itI want to keep everything I saw your beautiful body in my eyes your hands on my dick your mouth moving back and forth on my dick The look on your face when you looked up to me when you sucked Do you think I can forget the moment I came in your mouth? Your surprised face? Your naked body when you lay down on the bed and fell asleep?
- I know you don't but please try
- I can't forget Can I forget your dress still hanging in the closet covered in semen? Can I?
- I WANT SOMETHING ELSE - I finally said it
- What do you want?
- I WANT TO CONTINUE WITH YOU I want to take my uncle's place and I want to be with you I want you to do it with me I want you to teach me Teach me everything you know about sex()


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