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Bella was looking forward to the two hours before Most people go to practice as if they were pulling their teeth but for him the movement especially all forms of dancing was the essence of it so after a working day he could not imagine a better way to relax than to dance around for a few hours He was in a good mood talking to the other girls in the locker room who thought our regular coach was on vacation so he's gonna be a substitute teacher who goes by the name of Ricardo and he's supposed to be very good Well we'll see how much in zumba class you'll find out soon enough not to mention the fact that she danced a lot and a lot to find out what she had up her sleeve for the new guy He entered the room curiously while trying to squeeze his unruly blonde curls between the buckles so as not to disturb him during the dance when he saw their daily sweaters next to the mixer picking out the music He was standing with his back his muscle shirt loose his pants on his hip his beautiful back muscles just rolled out Hmm that's a start then he turned around
Judging by his body he might have been in his 20s but his face suggested an experienced man at least 40 His eyes laughed all the features of his face and greeted the entrances with such enthusiasm as if they were all old friends A quick question is Is there anyone who plays the Zumba first and then gets excited by the no answer?
Bella spent the first ten minutes critically watching her every move and then as the clock choreographed she gave herself to the joy of movement and admitted that Ricardo was very good He's got crazy moves he's got a good eye for the team and he's only made choreography more difficult than that so that it can be a challenge and a success for everyone That's when he let their eyes flash in the mirror once and then one more time After a while he noticed that this flash was becoming more frequent They must have been in the middle of the clock when with a few swapping attacks he mixed up people's positions until he saw the girl next to him in the mirror From that moment on they were dancing together dancing around each other like cats and dogs Bella was in her best shape and she knew it He flirted with every aspect of her impudent but only the person concerned could see it who of course returned it There's one last number for the down stretch Ricardo went around and helped everyone stretch after two hours of muscle work When he got to Bella he stood behind her pressed his hand up to her right arm and bent over with her He whispered something in his ear that Bella didn't understand from the loud music At the end of the movement he barely glanced at the inner part of his arm he was thrilled
The music was over and everyone was sipping their water eagerly and then they slowly started flying towards the dressing rooms Bella deliberately stayed to the end He longed to have a few words with the man or at least one last meaningful look With one tip of his towel wrapped around his neck he wiped his sweaty face and slowly gave it up to Ricardo to talk to him Looks like the flirtation was just for the watch and maybe that's the way it should be because it's your job to make sure that the women who come in here have a good time finding out what makes them happy Bella loved to flirt all her life and almost never went further than the harmless banter which always gave the two people concerned pleasure at that moment perhaps even later in the day and was forgotten the next day But the touch at the end of the clock was out of line and she didn't know why
There was a glow of smoothing and more than anything he wanted to have some kind of sequel Maybe it's just coffee a little friendly conversation where they discuss who dances and a kiss goodbye accompanied by an accomplice winking He didn't even have the guts to admit to himself that he could think of anything more intimate even though he was never a fan of one-time adventures These were the thoughts he had in his mind when the music stopped and he noticed that there were only two of them in the room and the man was waiting in the open door waiting to let in the coach and students who were going to ride the bike for the next hour He walked out of the room disappointed muttering some sort of goodbye and then headed to the dressing room I mean he was just gonna go
- You didn't answer my question Do you have time? I need to see you dance I mean really come to the small room with me
- What was the question? I couldn't understand a word you said But we can go
The question was never asked again Bella entered the halls of the ballet without courage()


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