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In December of 2005 on a gloomy day my phone rang I was in a bad mood and I didn't even want to wear it and then I looked at it and I saw who was calling It was him Mark We've known each other for monthswe met at the junior prom We liked each other back then so we started getting to know each other He was a tall brown-haired green-eyed muscular guy (but not the very strong one just the right muscles) just my ideal Every time I saw you I thought about kissing you But I couldn't because I knew he had a girlfriend She was 21 I was 17 Unfortunately we couldn't see each other during Christmas break so there were no regular daily meetings that brought us closer and closer together
I knew at the end of november that he was no longer just a friend to me but I didn't dare tell himAs I looked at the screen my heart started pounding I picked it up He greeted me cheerfully and then asked me if I wanted to spend New Year's with him and his company I said yes right away We agreed to meet at 31I'll take us to the weekend house 20km from our town where the party will be As soon as I got off the phone I started thinking I soon figured out what I'm gonna wear how I'm gonna make myself look I knew this was just a friendly invitation but I was kind of hoping the party might bring us together
Time went by so fast On New Year's Eve I went over to her house put on my sexiest thong and a tight black dress up to half a thigh It looked really good on me because I have a nice figure I don't have a ' 90s boob but they're very shapely for a slender waist My hair was tied in a ponytail and I had a braided hair hanging in my face Mark thought I was pretty too We went to see them but to my surprise his girlfriend was there She was tall model-sized blonde hair and she was wearing a tight red shirt and jeans Mark didn't love her he was only with her because he was afraid that the breakup would make her do something stupid Anita and I looked at each other we looked at each other and then we both turned to mark as if confronted She smiled in agony and told me Anita wasn't coming because she didn't want to hang out with her friends so we're gonna party without her I didn't understand the situation because Anita was a knockout and yet Mark asked me out
We had lunch and then they drove us to the party It was only 2: 00 so we sat down and talked by the fireplace We had a good time so time went by fast The others came we ate drank danced but Mark didn't even look at me I wanted to make her jealous so I started flirting with another guy My winking did the trick Mark came up to me and asked me to dance We danced together for almost two hours and then it was midnight I was hoping you'd kiss me but in the middle of all the New Year's greetings nothing happened In my disappointment I decided to go to sleep I went into one of the rooms and lay down on the bed I was assigned to


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