I'm telling you a story about my latest girlfriend in which I have lived such excitement and pleasure to this day that I have never had anything like it in my previous relationships At the beginning I never thought I'd have so much desire for such a beautiful girl and I hope it takes a long time
I've always had this little pervasive to fuck my current woman Either separately or in front of me I'm really excited to know that the woman I Love had another guy's dick in her wet pussy at some point However my partners didn't like to report their sex adventures with their exes The last thing anyone wanted to do was sleep with someone other than me More like a cry Over the years I began to give up on it and I became more and more compelled to acknowledge it a desire that remained unfulfilled
And all of a sudden my current girlfriend she's just a dead giveaway so I don't have to do anything for her I am very grateful to the Almighty
I met the lovely lady at a nightclub At first glance she was very attractive with her thin very feminine figure and her long hair down to the back Vicki and I bonded very quickly We made love that night He even forbade the use of condoms and he didn't like getting out He's got a good defense He confessed to me more than 30 partners that he's slept with and mostly unprotected He had a lot of one-time jobs He likes to take advantage of opportunities He had plenty to eat because he gets lots of offers from facen his immediate surroundings his workplace I didn't mind that at all In fact I'm very excited that so many people have fucked her and that my darling is so popular He was happy to tell me about his adventures in detail I couldn't say a word I was swimming in happiness Later it turned out it was just a warm-up
We've been together for two months and I've been trying to figure out how to get her to fuck other people and stay with me and not hurt her That question solved itself the night he came home late He didn't Notify me of the delay but we weren't jealous of each other He'll tell you when he gets home I was in bed watching TV when he got here You could tell right away he wasn't in a good mood I just got a quick kiss and she went to the bathroom On his way out he'd come crying and lay down beside me crying out his sorrow
- Honey I have a confession to make I cheated on you tonight
- Really? - yeah And how did that happen?
- At work today I've been assigned a cute pushy guy to work with me He's been hitting on me all day and by the end of the day I've been trying so hard to see what it's like in bed We went to his apartment and it happened
- No it's not that bad - I brought her closer to me
- I'm sorry I couldn't resist You're so nice to me I don't want to lose you for this I promise I'll try to change
- Did you use protection?
- Oh no He didn't want to hear about gum and he was glad he didn't have to get out He left inside me
 You don't have to be sad about that at all I love you just the way you are
I really loved it after that For me this news was a quality foreplay I was laying on it stroking it and loving it My cock slipped into it without a hitch Her pussy was still hot and wet Another guy just filled his semen in In five minutes of the situation I got a good shot of it myself My darling was surprised
- How did you get out so fast?
 You know honey I'm really excited that you were with someone else tonight You don't have to be sad about what you did tonight I'd like it if you could just keep doing this any way you want
- You mean sleep with other guys from time to time?
- Yes I did If you want someone else and there's a good time don't hold back Do whatever you want
 Okay let's say I start fucking other people and then I come home to you and you're gonna love me and you're gonna love me and you're gonna be with me?
- Yes of course I like it when your beautiful body is used by others and you live out your desires Don't give up any pleasure for me Always be yourself
- You're so sweet None of my boyfriends would have let me do that
 Is there a new guy around now who's hitting on you and you're hitting on him?
- Oh you want me to fuck someone already? Naughty
- No pressure If there's someone in your corner I'll leave it up to you
 Actually there are more Maybe my high school classmate Zoli is the most sympathetic Sometimes he writes to me how I am what I do what he does and of course he praises me a lot and makes ambiguous remarks
- Because I'm sure he'd love to fuck you Can you imagine having sex with her?
- Yeah I like him I'd sleep with him if I had to


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