Gay Việt chịch cực dâm 2


I can't tell you how it startedI just realized I was in love Things didn't work out so well But can the heart be commanded?
My first reaction was to fall in love with a woman for a 19-year-old girl And the second is that he's my aunt
Her name is Dalma my mother's half-sister He's ten years older than me which isn't much compared to my other adult relatives So he practically gave himself up to get me next to him It was easy for us to get along and she became the grown-up girlfriend that I shared my secrets with my problems
I got closer to him when he asked my parents to take me to his house on an ORDINARY WEEKEND My aunt loves gardening alongside her work and she needed help planting her large number of flowers Most of the special cacti and sensitive plants collected from around the world I was happy to take on the role of the assistant gardener and I didn't have anything else to do
- Zoé tilt it in pots at a 45-degree angle - Yeah you're doing great Now relax the Earth
"I'm getting the hang of it" I smiled I love being in the greenhouse There's beautiful greens smells good and the atmosphere is romantic
Dalma's little white apron didn't make her any less attractive His blue T-shirt is strained on his perky breasts his slender waist long thighs and everything he liked With her lovely face and her nose I was fascinated Those big blue eyes blinked secrets my aunt's mouth was absolutely maddening I loved watching him talk he had no idea what effect it would have on me
- Ow - I cried The Cactus stabbed me through the glove I almost threw the whole pot away in my pain
"Oh my dear" said My aunt immediately " let me see"
- That's nasty Come on we're going inI'm going to pull it out gently with an eyebrow clip
I lay my hand on the kitchen table gazing at Dalma's golden hair and I shushed a little when she removed the thorn
Then all of a sudden Dalma put my finger in her mouth to suck it up a little bit like the mother did for her child It was incredibly erotic and my mouth was dry and I just stared at the beautiful eyes
- Tea would be nice wouldn't it?
"Yes" I replied with a dreamy look and I was wondering how I could stay the night With him Dalma's divorced by the way her husband cheated on her and as a pilot she had a hard time resisting temptation My aunt also worked as a flight attendant for a while when they met on the London-Budapest flight
- Don't you miss Andris? - I asked while we were eating
"Yes you do" said Dalma - You know I hate being alone but it's better than being cheated on as a wife
 You're so beautiful you must have men all over you
 I just don't go to places where they can stick to me
- And you don't miss sex? - I asked the question firmly I wanted the subject to turn towards erotica
"I rather miss the companion" said Dalma smiling with bright eyes  You know I've been fantasizing a lot lately masturbating thinking about men and women
- Really? - yeah- I opened my mouth
- Yeah - yeah I'd try it with a girl I guess but I don't have the courage
- I feel the same way - That's when Dalma had the curiosity and then we started laughing With this little confession we're accomplices to each other
Dalma soon turned on the stereo there were nice music we both had a shower and Dalma had to use her phone to sleep over
 I pointed to a picture of my aunt posing in a bikini
- Yeah the year before last my co-workers and I went to your place
Then as if Magic had descended into the air Dalma leaned towards me Or am i towards him?
I don't know
The gentle glow of our lips touching is unspeakableyou have to feel it Soft as butter her breath is delicious fruit Her skin is soft at her neck as my fingers ran through her He put his hand on my thigh held me tighter and then gently pulled his hand up to my hip


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