Gay Room Crush on You


I love sitting in a bath full of hot water Easy I'll let the moving body of water swing with me and I'll get in my head I caress my forearms slowly my breasts I love the hair on my chest and I love it when you do it I'm holding my hips tingling all over my upper body scrubbing my lower abdomen with hot water My hand won't stop it's slipping The door pops up and I get scared you catch me :-)
You ask me if you can join me I'm happy to roll over I'll play with you for a while You caress my back your job is to make me give you a place in the water Your playful hands drift away straddle over my thighs smooth me over I want you to keep caressing me Your fingers caress yes they seek the way I love the way you rub my ass I love the way you grip it I love the way you bite it Between my legs there are just as many places to sit your legs to my thighs You take off your wet T-shirt I take off your little panties my hand runs down my thighs but you gently push it away
I can't take my eyes off your beautiful breasts you hold my lips in your hands and lift them up you want to look me in the eye You whisper that time has stopped you tried to stop it and it will I'll take your hands to my chest you'll reach into it and then your hand will slide down to my waist I'll rub your thighs but I'm impatient my fingers are looking for your thighs I'm gonna get there I'm gonna smooth it over you're gonna flinch I'm gonna hug you Your breast touches me I caress it with one hand your hand slips between my thighs you hold my prickly hand gently
I kiss your breasts you put your head back you want I can feel it I can't escape the grip of your hand You push me away you push me on my back you put my hands on your ass in a pretentious way (I love caressing your ass) you drag me through my breasts underbelly and you grab it with both hands and then you stroke it My hands caress your breasts soft silky prickly You kiss my belly and down down and then it's warm and your lips are all over it Suddenly my vision gets dark I sit back in the warm water and I float I caress your hair with one hand it falls in a tangle you look up you want to see the pleasure on my face I sigh I lift my waist I try to set a rhythm but you feel me and you caress me with your hands and then you circle around my nipples With your tongue round my Acorn your soft palate clings to it embraces my penis and excites me wildly I am filled with Tingle More and more you increase the rhythm gently trying to the head to caress to relax but face look want you to feel like you want to see like my whole body is shaking I'm still trying to escape but you better stick to you and then my waist tightens and I can feel very hot()


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