Gay boys


My friend Balázs and I were going on vacation To our surprise we were able to take a double-decker bus There was only the driver on the ground floor and there was a little hole called a bar where you could only bend down There was a padded corner seat right next to it and the stairs up The driver practically didn't see his passengers because a thin corridor from the bar led to him From the top there was a wonderful view and the seats next to each other could be pulled apart to provide our comfort We left this afternoon to be on the beach the next morning It was bright for a long time but it was only after 8: 00 that the sun began to set and we saw it together from the panoramic window
It was our first vacation together We finally felt free no school no home We got together last winter and we felt almost immediately that this was growing into a very serious relationship I'm about to go to college and she's about to be a junior I knew from the first glance that she was the one I'd been waiting for so long She's got brown hair and eyes not exactly muscular but it's perfect for me And I for him We're the same height I have brown mid-length hair and eyes I've been liked by a couple of guys but they all like me because of my body I'm not much of a model but I feel good about myself I have round breasts and white skin
So it was starting to get dark and we were all huddled up and watching the sunset I loved it even though there were like 50 of us on the bus it was like it was just the two of us We kissed each other and sometimes we even kissed but only in moderation because we were with older people We both felt that I miss being alone at home when it's really just the two of us in the room We decided to go down to the bar because no matter how small it was we could still be alone there He sat in the corner and I sat across from him We used to sit like this hug kiss We started kissing right away because that's why we had the chance to do the rest up there It was a wild kiss fight Sometimes he'd wander over my neck and gently suck on it kiss it Of course I returned the favor immediately
I had a feeling I was getting turned on He kissed me more and more and his hand started moving At first he was just stroking my butt I went up a little so my boobs were right in front of her mouth In this summer heat I was wearing a pair of knickers and a band top so he started kissing the top of my chest lower I could feel him moving Suddenly the bus stopped and his tongue slipped right between my breasts There's movement up there We sat next to each other like we were just talking
 Bathroom break - the driver said it on the speaker So we got out in the fresh air too It felt good ' cause we were both pretty hot in our little fight
I've never slept with him before We'd been dating for six months but it felt premature even though I knew he was taking it very seriously Or maybe that's why I knew he'd wait and be wonderful with her Even though I felt ready for a while I thought we could enjoy each other on vacation As I got out of the bathroom I went back to the bus I haven't seen him anywhere and we must have been on at the same time No one was standing by the bus but some of them were smoking at the end of the bus I stopped and looked up at the sky and just stared at the stars Suddenly I felt two arms around my waist from behind Soon I got a kiss from Balázs sneaking up behind me
- I love you - he whispered it in my ear It's not the first time you've done this He doesn't say it often but sometimes it surprises me The smokers returned and took off
- Let's go - we heard the driver's voice
We looked at each other We got on but we just sat in the bar again The driver said the next stop would be about four hours so he'd turn off the lights so everyone could sleep It's getting dark out there We had a little light down there but it only gave us enough light not to hit anything The driver turned on the radio to keep himself alert We were alone()


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