Gay boy


Next story well who decides if it's true or not
After a class trip to Lake Balaton (as I recall in the area of Siófok) everything happened after a night that went wrong-during Was it awful? Perfect? You'll be able to tell in three minutes
Hotel Music Party Girls Hey guys Drinking I got tired of it and went back to my room saying I'd be back I didn't feel like making a funny face it doesn't suit you to be in a bad mood So I went to bed and I pulled out some boring monthly card Some horrible teen magazine "That's good" I thought I was on the horoscope when a guy came in asking me what was going on and asking me to come back It felt good but I didn't feel like it I stayed The next 10 minutes more like 20 very busy Anna and David came in I thought I'd go outside so I don't want to Bother You When I walked out the door another couple came in "Nna I said "it can't get any better than this" I was walking down the hall I wanted to go down to the hotel Park get some fresh air I saw Kati in front of the elevator He says he's going down for a smoke and some fresh air I went with him why not?
We talked a lot last night a lot and it was really good We used to sit in this wooden thing it was like a playground accessory but it was just right We could get in together the wind didn't blow I don't feel like much of a pastor but we talked about feelings friendship love He mentioned that he was very lonely That's when I felt something wasn't right something funny had to be done quickly I would have tried but Kati stopped talking and just watched me do something stupid After a while I realized it wasn't that simple and I put my arm around her to calm her down She didn't cry but I think it would've been good for her For a brief moment the desire ran through me after a hot kiss But I rejected it because I didn't want to take advantage of it we were close We sat there in silence and the feeling grew inside me I didn't know what to do If I leave her there it's gonna look really bad But if I stay I have to kiss her that's how I felt at the time
I'm sorry now but it was really good at the time: I kissed her We knew it had no future but I think he just needed a hug and I was a hog Now I'm sorry I softened my lips to hers Careful and slow so you can change your mind but you didn't We sat for a long time and kissed He was breathing half-loud so I thought he was enjoying it My hands started instinctively everywhere I shouldn't have In the early summer evening it was even nice to take off the tracksuit (after all he only came out to smoke a cigarette) Underneath it was just an athlete()


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