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The patient
For the next few days I didn't expect anything special from my little friend
When I went over there I didn't feel like doing anything I was very tired perhaps from the heavy lovemaking of the previous day and the special perversions of the boy
I didn't even want to have sex today I leaned down on the couch and we started talking about something neutral if I remember correctlyAs I wrote before the story was set long ago in a galaxy far far away on the planet of the Earth and what matters is that it is not a fiction
As I was saying I was lying on the couch when the boy casually asked me when to start the show? I told you not to do anything today because I'm tired and I need a break etcThen he jumped from the chair and in a moment he knelt on my chest and the next moment he began to push his dick towards my mouth
And I averted the approachHe tried for a while then he seemed bored
Then suddenly he took my hair and started pulling my head towards his tail
It hurt like hell and I was still trying to stop myself from screaming
For a while I endured the pull of my hair which was done to me by a young boy driven by a wild sexual instinct and then I was forced to surrender Finally a giant blowjob and orgasm ended up with this unusual sadistic scene for me
Looks like I'm going to satisfy this guy while the world lasts? I asked myself
As you can see that's not how it happenedIt was the summer of 1985 He invited his friends over more and more Who of course knew nothing about our sex fights It was always about the topic at hand Usually about who's got a girlfriend or something
Unfortunately nothing exciting happened in the summer unless my friend met a young girl and started dating slowly In the meantime on girls ' break days the guy came in me There were a few times when I went over there and I was hungry and he said it was only short for now because his friends and girlfriend would be here any minuteIt was only a few minutes before they came We were barely able to clean ourselves up and welcomed the friends we had never known with a smileUnfortunately our relationship began to die as soon as he got better with her
Until 1989 there were a number of sexual acts but that wasn't the case anymore


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