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I thought I'd send you a short story Don't spare me I'll add a little legend to that Bunny: Dr Strawberry dog the writer 20 years old male Witch: Bunny's ex-lover 32 years old female The degree of fiction: 50% which means that it is true in its elements as it is written but it did not happen
It's a short story I wrote for you this morning with a lot of love I hope you're not too upset about it because you said it yourself: you're allowed to dream I know what it's about shouldn't happen but I couldn't help but describe it Bunny was sitting in the car outside Witch's gingerbread house "He wondered if he should bite from the fence" said the smell of the sausage " but after breaking his teeth the last time he thought he would leave it out" He arrived a little earlier than he was supposed to; he thought he would wait for 23 hours and then knock As the five minutes passed his heart continued to beat in his throat He tried to hide it when he got out of the car and went into the stairwell He knocked on the door and then just in case he rang the bell A few hours passed and then the door opened and he saw annoyance
The girl's dress was pale blue with white daisies on her ankle skirt It fit perfectly with the white body-tight blouse the blue tops and the flower-shaped girlish earrings Bunny waited for a moment that he used to pick his chin up off the floor and say hello to the girl:
- Hey Witch
"Hello" said Witch in a voice like she was synchronizing cartoons The boy stepped in hugged each other and the curls of the Witch fell on Bunny's shoulders They stayed like this for minutes and then they split up still smiling at each other
- Shall we go? "Rabbit asked twenty years ago with all his impatience" Witch nodded picked up her indescribable little backpack and after they left the door she locked it behind her They got in the car strapped in and then Bunny started
He took his foot impatiently off the clutch releasing more than a hundred horsepower onto the front wheels which gave themselves to the laws of physics
'Nyah don't be mad' said Witch ' we're in a hurry' Nyufi nodded to this but did not listen to much; they were travelling at a pace of 100-120 on the busy streets of the capital at night Of course they were lost - although it was traced back to Magellan - by the genes of witch's father Soon they reached the end of Budapest then on the M7 Bunny's foot became heavy with lead: the speedometer started to crawl towards 200 The adrenaline went up in the two participants of the night trip The mosquitoes and butterflies fluttered through the windshield providing Bunny with the unpleasant karma to be reborn in the body of a mosquito for a few centuries and to be punished for the needless loss of life It was very soon that the Venetian exit came and after a few minutes and a turn the free beach of agárd Bunny stopped the car right by the lake They were in a hurry to change into bathing suits Witch in the party dressing room Bunny in the car cover Although there was no one to hide from for they were alone on the otherwise crowded waterfront of the day
The weather was very pleasant with a gentle summer breeze which sensuously fluttered her hair as her figure emerged from the night
"Give me your hand" said the boy stretching his arm Witch gave it to me nicely She was like a spring fairy now not a 300-year-old witch Only the fire in his eyes told him that he had the power of the night and that it was more exciting and dangerous than any fairy They went in the water together
- Gee cold-whiny Witch in a voice that sounded like a Disney character like a piglet when the water wasn't cold just for the first time They were a few feet off the beach and the water was just tickling their thighs The boy gently wet the girl's body with his hands so as not to make it uncomfortable for her to go deeper into the water The water was deep in the water and the two young bodies were charities They didn't come in because they were both weak swimmers They grew apart and then came again with their glistening eyes On the stage of the night sky the stars lit up as new reflectors The Moon would have ruled the night like a beautiful queen if Witch hadn't turned white with her burning eyes They stood one meter apart in the water and then they stepped forward a little at the same time Their lips approached each other like magnets and reached their destination
Bunny was very pleased to have her lips sealed to witch's sensual soft lips Her tongue began to dance with her tiny pink tongue in the two-mouth Hall The girl was a very fierce kisser and Bunny picked up the pace All was lost around them their consciousness was confined to the two languages of cuddling()


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