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Dear Diary
I'm gonna grab a pen again ' cause I got a story to tell I went to sleep about an hour ago(I'm going to a party tonight so I want to be fresh for a long time) and I had an incredible dreamI had the most erotic dream of my life I began to the bed to bed wearing only underwear and a man(he is totally naked) bent over me and kissed me soft and sensual tongue-kiss then little kisses started down my neck my shoulder too overwhelmed with the kulccsontom area of my breasts his tongue just barely used(now I'm shaking when I think about it) while the hands caress the thighs stomach and then with her lips moving my stomach kissing around kissing my belly button and my belly button too hands during the breasts and the belly fondling and driving me insane I breathe like you just ran a marathon
he stops kissing me reaches gently under my waist with one hand lifts it up(I will help you right away so you can let go with your hand) and sticking a finger in both sides of the panties slowly pulls it down while kissing my thigh When you drag it across my butt(I can put it down)you drag it over my leg every part of the dress that was left you kiss it with a little kiss(but stupid word:) and then you pull it down completely and you throw it down by the bed He leans to my face again kisses me but briefly then he kneels to my feet but at the same time he caresses me over my body(Jesus Christ you you have to feel it you can't even tell it it's like a fiery iron burning and yet it's Divine my whole body is humid when I think about it) He grabs both of my ledges and he pushes them up nice so my knees are a little bent and then he staples his arms through my kneecaps so now he's leaning very close to my body I'm shaking because I know what's coming But not yet it's almost torture but first it covers my vulva with little kisses and I'm breathing louder and louder
I've been caressing my breasts for a while now I'm picking up the paceShe kisses around my thighs and kisses the outer labia gently using her tongue a little barely outit's maddening()


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