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I stood in front of Melissa against the girl I hated hated despised The girl who causes all my grief and gives me a chance to mess with her
But why? What's the point? I don't like it I'm not attracted to it but I'm interested in a picture of Robbie flashing When you're standing in front of me in the twilight the outline of your hot beautiful body which I love to touch to kiss Who is everything to me who I love madly who is the meaning of my life for whom I live and live And I get a girl who's the girlfriend of a man who means everything to me I had these thoughts in my head and I wasn't really thinking about Melissa I was thinking about Robin and the time we spent together
- You mean him to your prince charming Robira - Melissa whispered
I looked around in confusion and the words of Melissa awakened me from my world which I was still under
- Don't deny it I can tell You're wondering what it's like to be with her well I know it's very good - he kept whispering
A tear rolled across my face and I felt an unbearable pain inside me an unspeakable pain an inexplicable feeling that I could have given out with a crazy scream But that wouldn't have helped It was horrible Unspeakable
- Yeah you're thinking about himyou're thinking about the time we spent together - he whispered
He sneaked behind me carefully but I didn't realize it because I was so busy with all the feelings that were stirring inside of me
Pain suffering and desire for Robbie I wanted to hold her kiss her feel her behind me behind me My body reacted involuntarily to this feeling created by my thoughts My thoughts were controlling my body which blindly followed orders Melissa saw these changes wanted to enhance my feelings
- It feels good when he kisses you his tongue sticks wildly in your mouth and you're idle because you're in love with him You're in love with her You want it you want it You want every part of her body every part of her bellyI know? The one you gave to the kitchen licking and kissing the one you snuggled up against the one the World hurt you And you listened to his heart beat You would do it now - Melissa whispered
I took a deep breath almost moaned I'm scared out of my mind with all these mixed feelings I was thinking about Robbie His whole reality not just his body but his personality the way he talks the way he behaves
Melissa pulled her finger across my back gently firmly I couldn't even sense that because my thoughts were so busy
- You want Robbie's body you want to have one more love affair with him one last one and one last one You want to keep it to yourself so no one else can have it 'Cause it drives me crazy when someone else looks at him you'd scratch my eyes out' cause he's my friend
You hit the nail on the head I'd scratch your eyes out bury you beat you to death in any order the same thing could happen
I wanted to scream scream my pain out into the world To let people know that such pain exists But no one could help me no one could save me from this inhuman suffering except for Robbie My prince charming whose princess I am She's not a blonde princess she's "just" red but the Princess of her heart black or brown hair that's completely irrelevant
- We should call Robbie and have him come over ' cause you're so excited you could do everything even what you did back then How do I know? "said Melissa
I looked at him with a drooping questioning gaze but he told me my question
- Well when you fell asleep you hugged each other and continued in your dreams what you started Sometimes you kiss on each other's faces caress each other hug each other gently but you never let each other go for a moment For a moment you didn't come out of your embrace Robby often stroked your thighs to which you answered with a low whimper in your sleep and Robby reacted the same way when you were pampering his belly Don't try to fool me I can see right now that you haven't forgotten you want him You're in love with her you want to feel it inside you you want to be with her()


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