Football, big balls

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It was just a regular Friday night party friends gathered going out for a drink I'm not a big drinker I can hold my liquor but I'll drink my fair share At the bar I got a quick look at a guy and he did the same thing I've seen the vibe between us but can it be fun? - I asked myself the question I liked him too much to let him go so I went to him I introduced myself told my story a little bit he did we had a couple of beers cocktails Poor thing would have told me but I interrupted:
- Are we going somewhere?
And we did and his car was not far from the place so we jumped in and looked for a hidden little corner The pond of a city-wide green belt is a popular place for a sex congregation When we first got here I took the initiative because he seemed a little more shy I sat on his lap and began to kiss him gently pushing my body more and more feel the grip feel the warmth of my body my heart pounding I bit his lips as I slowly unbuttoned the buttons of his shirt with my hand I was waiting for his hand to go but luckily it didn't take long to do so he pulled off my blouse and I didn't have a bra so he found his head right between my breasts He started kissing her but it was too tender for me and I wanted to have wild sex so I put it in her head and I yelled at her:
- Squeeze it bite my nipples take me I want your dick so bad
I got off him pulled his pants down his boxers down put the kid across the seat and turned to 69 My cunt was pounding and it was pouring down the curves of my thighs and I couldn't stand it and I pushed it in her face with my knickers so she could do something with my cherry He did he literally ripped it off of me and he already made my wet opening even wetter his tongue twirling violently while his fingers were swallowed by the narrow passage of my vagina And I started a fierce French I took his cock with great moanings first I gently sucked the top of it and then with my hand I moved my head up and down on it and by kissing it I felt the throbbing of his cock Before I got sprayed in my mouth I couldn't help myself and I turned my dick around and put it in my pussy I began to writhe slowly and I put his hands on my breasts and with my hips I pushed my opening into his cock and then back The power of pleasure has taken over my body and I've enjoyed this random action so much He started playing with my breasts biting my nipples grabbing my ass with his hand and taking control Gentleness turned into wildness but I enjoyed it
I wanted to make a change so I got off him and put my body in a doggy style and it was a little uncomfortable but I didn't care
- Fuck me from behind please - that's all I was yelling
And I did and I got so powerful it already hurt but every tremor brought me closer to the breaking power of the orgasm Meanwhile he reached out with his hand and excited my clitoris I tried to stand up a little bit to stick with my body as much as I could but the car is limited to us()


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