Foda Boa – AS e DS


My name is ZoliI'm 26 years old I live at home with my mother my father works abroad and comes home every three weeks Ever since I was about 18 I've been interested in getting something from my mother so I could get close to her We can talk about everything Ever since I was a kid I grew up with no taboo in the family walking around naked so I never had to peek I always saw my mom's hairy pussy By the way he's now 52 5 '4" weighing in at 54 kg My dad's been out of the country for ten years and their marriage is pretty much ruined even if he comes home for two or three days they're still fighting and there's no sex between them even though my mom's always horny for him but my dad prefers to go to bars get drunk or watch TV I can almost hear things in a fight that my mom is yelling that she can't get it up for my dad she can't get it up for him but she's not cheating on him she's never had another guy I thought a bold move about three months ago was to try and help her because I'd like to too because I'm excited about having sex with her We talked more and more asked about your relationship with my father He told me that they don't have sex much once or twice a month even though I could see in his eyes that he was hungry Day after day I kept bragging about how great she was even though she was 52 so many women could hide next to her In the meantime since I decided to fuck her I jerked off at least three or four times a day while she thought about me fingering her hairy pussy licking it fucking it up The other night when I was jerking off in my room the music was playing loud so I couldn't hear him coming up to my room He came in without knocking and brought my clothes and I got scared when he came in She got scared embarrassed apologized ran out of my roomAfter that he avoided my gaze downstairs and I tried to talk to him but he wouldn't talk to me about it He said it was perfectly normal and he should have knocked I was down in the kitchen my mom was taking a bath Oddly enough he called me out
- Zolika can you help me for a second? I'm surprised because he never calls me in during his bath
- Yes I answered and then he asked me to go to the bathroom
He sat naked in the tub and asked me to wash his back He doesn't usually ask and I'm surprised but of course I was willing to help I was doing laundry about a minute ago and he reached back and started stroking my hand He brought up what happened this afternoon about how sorry he was and how sorry I was to be We talked about it but unfortunately that's all that was left of it and he asked me to leave now so he could take care of it At that time I was a little disappointed because I expected something different but the night was far from over I thought about it all night I was jerking off I couldn't sleep and then I went to the bathroom The toilet is right next to my mother's room I didn't turn the lights on so he didn't sense me coming down I was quiet and I heard faint sighs from his room and the bed was constantly moving That's when I realized he was masturbating I couldn't help myself I started jerking off at her door I tried to peek inside but unfortunately the door opened when I tried to open it outside and he noticed and I didn't move but he saw me
- What are you doing here? At that moment I put my dick in my boxer shorts
- I just came down to the toilet because my stomach was running and I answered
- He came out of the room and I went to the toilet
- I was there for about two minutes and then I went to the bathroom where my mom brushed her teeth She was wearing a bra and a thong Did he ask if I was okay? I said " Well of course it's just something bent but it'll be better because I'm gonna take Normaflore" You can imagine I couldn't help myself I washed my hands and wished him good night But I couldn't sleep
It was 3: 00 in the morning and I decided to do what I had to do
I snuck into the room just making sure the door didn't creak I snuck up to her bed she was out sleeping on her back with her legs spread out in a thong no bra The purple fog came down I didn't know what to do with myself I took out my dick and I started beating him with one hand and slowly I started caressing his breasts very carefully with the other hand I didn't have 30 seconds to cum on his stomach splashing my cum all over his body I didn't have a handkerchief so I couldn't wipe it off so I went back to my room
When I woke up this morning breakfast was ready and it's not usually like this We had breakfast with my mom and I had my dick on her last night He asked me how I slept how long I was up? I answered like 1: 30 Then he said he had a strange dream I was then sick to my stomach but he did not say anything about it but I saw him look at me and smile()


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