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A high school reunion is always a significant event in a person's life We hooked up with the 15-year-old on this Saturday We had a good time and everything was in a good mood We were happy for each other and moved over the once-worn school threshold A lot of us got into a fight because everybody brought their life partner only the kids were left at home I left alone because my wife and I had just broken up
Everyone's told me everything that's happened to him in the last five years since we last met Of course the number was incomplete and one of the missing was Vali who didn't show up for the 10-year meeting But he's a special case who never finished high school because he dropped out in third grade and we haven't seen him since Apparently he ran off with a basketball player and now he lives somewhere abroad No wonder she did this because she was a beautiful precocious girl who was very interested in men Men not boys in the class which has been hard on us - at least for me She had legs as long as Vali had in the whole school so our gym teacher persuaded her to do a high jump and it was not secret that the teacher had given her special training for success And then one day he took off with the basketball player - the women are so ungrateful
My thoughts were circling Vali and then the door opened and she walked in For a moment there was silence the air stopped and my breath stopped I almost didn't want to believe my eyes is this bomber my former sympathies? There was no doubt about it but he could: his long muscular thighs were barely covered by a piece of skirt his slender waist was stretched on shapely breasts his face was covered with a thick layer of makeup his head was covered with the then-fashionable deformed hairstyle which seemed to give the impression that the wearer had been "mowed"all night long The boys whistled loudly and the girls I think went pale
- Hey guys - Vali says hi - I'm sorry I'm late but we're stuck in a traffic jam and I thought we'd never get out of it until tonight
"It's all right Vali it's all right" said the homeroom teacher Find yourself a chair and when you're done tell us what's happened to you since we haven't seen you
There was only one available seat and the one next to me my former benchmate couldn't make it to the meeting Vali sat next to me but first she quickly kissed two kisses which I gratefully returned Smells like perfume I got dizzy I couldn't even concentrate on his account He said something about how he'd been through a few relationships and that he was living in Germany now and that he was very happy She couldn't have been happier than I who had assessed the situation and I soon saw that Vali would be mine alone that day It was not quite so because during the after-lunch dance he was taken in the arms of others but since the wives were present I had the most of Vali
In the evening the company began to dissipate especially the countrymen so as not to be late for their buses and trains and then we saw another large group of guests arriving to whom it would be appropriate to pass the Hall
Vali told me that his partner didn't go with him because he had some business meeting in Bratislava and because he didn't speak Hungarian he didn't feel like transferring the whole day and stayed in Bratislava They split up said he'd pick her up tonight It was night and the kraut man was gone Vali immediately called him and asked if he was on his way and he said he couldn't pick him up today so he had to stay somewhere Then Vali got angry and started yelling at him I understand little in German but I can vouch for the way you looked at him
- Son of a bitch - he finished his phone call with Vali turning towards me now in Hungarian - He found some Slovak whore and he doesn't want me anymore I'm supposed to invent myself
I could barely calm him down
 But how am I supposed to go to a hotel when I didn't even bring a nightgown with me? I don't have any luggage other than this little handbag Understand? Nothing
- Calm down please we'll figure it out My apartment is completely free you can choose from three rooms and I can give you a nightgown because I still have most of my ex-wife's things It's not a luxury apartment but it's a one-night stand Will you accept?
- All right I'll take it But no sex you understand? - that's what he said not me
 Okay no sex just come on You'll see I'm going to show you something you're going to be very happy about
'That's what I want to know' he said and with it he put his arm around me and we went to me


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