Fit dude rips little guy wide open

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It was an August day the day of the fireworks The boy was looking forward to this day for he had finally met his love after six months of waiting
They met online back in February She was looking for another chat guy through him but eventually they started talking about stuff After a while they switched phone numbers and talked about the guy calling him at night and waking him up
- You don't have the guts honey - she was teasing him
- All right honey don't be surprised - he was playing the game and then at night after a little hesitation the boy reached for the phone and dialed the girl's number The other side rang and rang and rang and rang They said the phone would be turned down so you have to ring the bell for a long time to wake the girl up That's what the boy did and we got the results On the other side of the line there was a click and a dreamy voice answered From then on the process was unstoppable And the boy wanted her more and more every day and it was the other way around They realized they were in love Then they listened to each other in the chat no one else cared and their conversations became more and more engrossed in desire and erotica and more and more longing for each other's kiss touch caress body closeness Several meetings were arranged but unfortunately they did not happen because she was always afraid of what he would think of her in life Then after a fight they decided to meet anyway and then there would be the way life plays out They set up a meeting Saturday morning
The kid's phone rang at 7: 00 this morning
- Love You I'm sorry to wake you but I got here early How long will it take you to get here? The boy was still asleep wiping his eyes:
- Hi Honey Whoa I'm gonna get my shit together and run out to you Half an hour tops - Then they said their goodbyes quickly and the boy started getting ready and then ran out to meet the girl at the train station They were planning a "get-to-know-you-only" day to see if they were having a good time together So after his shopping this morning they headed to Margaret Island They parked the car and walked out It was quite cold since it was only around 8: 00 in the morning but the temperature of the air was warm so soon they were walking in the parks of the island talking and touching each other The boy stroked the girl's shin as they sat on the bench He went in and out of her hair kissed her Then as they were about to leave for a more sunny place he drew her to him and kissed her for a long time The boy was a little twisted but he didn't mind it at all because he finally got to do what he'd been wanting to do for so long Soon the passion took over and soon the other's lips and tongues were discovered with their tongues
Their tongues danced in each other's mouths for several minutes until the boy with great difficulty emerged from the embrace smiled at the girl and began to draw her out of the sun by holding her hand They quickly collected their belongings and moved to one of the empty benches on the edge of a meadow filled with flowers in the middle of the island They caressed each other talked laughed kissed He kissed her neck caressed her stomach hands waist He didn't have the courage to touch her breasts and he wanted to She's been wanting to hold them pamper them She was just afraid the magic would fade if she wanted anything too fast so she waited and caressed her lover somewhere else After a while the sun was really shining on them and they got tired of sitting on the bench so they headed back to the car
 I know a really nice place let's go there You can see all over the city and now luckily it's a beautiful day - said the boy in the car to his sweetheart Then they headed towards buda and the boy took the girl to one of his favourite places the Fox mountain observation deck
It used to be a quarry but now these works have been abandoned and declared a landscape protection area They stopped the car at the entrance to the quarry and went on foot The boy took her up to the top of the observation deck where the blue sky was all that was above them and before them the long stretching city They sat there for a long time and as the sun was set on them the boy took off his shirt which she looked at with a smile and then took the shirt from the boy folded it up and put it under his head The boy lay on his side beside her leaning on one hand while the other slowly strolled from her belly to her breast as they kissed and caressed the other's tongue She just took off and pulled up her sweater so she could clear the way to her breasts This boy finally gave courage and began to caress her shapely breasts slowly circling them one by one Sometimes when he stopped kissing he would kiss the girl's neck and he'd put his hands all over her()


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