familydick – stepdad plays with his boy’s asshole

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I've had a shitty day In fact my whole week hasn't been that great The boss was picking on me for things that I had nothing to do with and my coworkers were constantly hassling me about stupid things and the kid was having problems and his mom was fucking with me too
So I was cranky when I got home
I would have sat in front of the tv and started to relax when they knocked I open the door there's a woman standing in front of me and she says she's here on a friend's recommendation and she wants to talk to me
I'm looking at her she's pretty good He's short he's not 160 and he can't be more than 50 or 52 kg She's wearing some kind of green dress with a tight skirt half-thigh But there's no blouse under it From the looks of it maybe not even a bra Because she doesn't have big tits As long as I can see that he's gonna walk right past me walk right into the room I'll look into ithe's got good legs I wonder if her stockings are just a combfix
By the time I go after him he's sitting on the couch like he's home I'm being polite I ask you what you drink Just water I'm going to the kitchen
In the meantime say your piece That kind of insurance and stuff No way An insurance salesman?
I'm losing what's left of my mind
On the counter is a band of duct tape I'm gonna put it on I'm gonna go in and before you know it I'm gonna wrap it around your wrist behind your back He's so scared he can't move he can't talk And I'm pulling the skirt up his waist It's a combfix it's flashing in my brain But I don't have time for this right now I'm holding a knife cutting her panty strap pulling it off It's all wet What the he peed in fear haha that's what happened Do you want to open your mouth do you want to be indignant or do you want to scream? I don't care I'm gonna stuff the pee-pants in his mouth and I'm gonna put a line of duct tape on it
- Now yell You stupid bitch
He looks at me with his eyes bulging
- You know I've had a shitty day - it's not gonna be any better for you
He's slow to think he's running he's struggling but he's no match for my 80 kilos especially with his hands tied behind his back I'm gonna wrap your ankles around pretty soon
I'm gonna stop and think Then I'll unbutton the jacket I'll pull it off as long as it goes She's really not wearing a bra Her little pointy breasts are perky My mouth is watering But I'm free I'll do it later You'll get yours first And he's not gonna like it
I'm gonna give it a little rest Hm He's got a good figure And so pleasantly soft Her skin is nice and smells good And how white it might even be on the sheets
Look scared what will happen what do I want? I already know But let him suffer from uncertainty
I'm going out for a glass of water The rest of the Willows in the pantry I'll pick a few there's some thicker ones Let's go to the bathroom Shower hot water soak the commas One minute is enough three of them are fast The rest stay dry
I'm getting some kind of kinky thrill I'm gonna beat him up Then I'll fuck her I'll use it as a puppet And there's nothing you can do about it The feeling of power is sweet
Back to the room I'll pick up your bag pull out your papers Name address date of birth place of birth I'm grinning
 You didn't have to come all the way from home girl
Let's see what else we got Driver's license registration keys money It doesn't matter Lipstick powder nail polish file deodorant Especially Crocodile clips Well I'll take that out
I'm looking at her I got it I go over there and I start pulling his knee He resists but one little bump on the knee and he's gone I'll tape up his knees and elbows on both sides Yes That's good His ass goes up he offers himself his labia opens up a little
Her dress is wrinkled on her back at the bottom of her skirt I'm gonna stroke her ass grab her I rub her pussy she shakes He thinks he can get away with just fucking her I'm enjoying it
I step aside I take the comma The dry one I'm gonna put my hand on his ass He crumbles but he can't shout only a dull grunt gets through a pair of panties stuffed in his mouth I'll wait a little while then I'll strike again He's gonna have nice red stripes on his ass from the blows It stings I know He's trying to escape but he can't You can't fall down because your knees are really propping you up When I determine that I will systematically start beating his ass with a spicy Willow stick I don't hit too hard But a lot Her skin would crack and then there'd be blood on the couch I'm not stupid Her ass is all red now I'll sit and watch I enjoy your vulnerability I mean literally My dick's getting hard in my pants I'm gonna put my hand on his ass It's a Twitch It's hot I touch her pussy I'll pull my hand through it It's on fire Her open labia glistens with moisture What the hell are you excited? I'm gonna slide a finger in slowly It's all wet Second third finger pull in and out You seem to be enjoying it I reach out with my other hand and I start grabbing her breasts I'm playing with her nipples They're tough I'm fucking her with my fingers Four now It turns me on I get up I take my pants off I pull two of them over with my wet hand from his cunt I get on my knees and I put my dick in it I'm starting to fuck()


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