familydick – jailbird stepdad gives it to his hot boy while on house arrest

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I met Brigi when I was 22 For a girl who was in high school with my childhood friend a few weeks later she was hanging out with me boiled
We spent more time together at first because Brigi was my only friend who liked to play snooker but besides that we had a better understanding of each other than others because we felt the same way about a lot of things but mostly because Brigi is a very outward - looking person and even though I'm not for me I prefer to listen to people and comment here and there so we sort of complete each other Despite my introverted personality I was more talkative with Brig than with others because with her I could say my thoughts without any refinement because in many ways we were the same I saw myself as free as I've always wanted to be and maybe that's why I felt more relaxed with him than I was basically Tell me not to leave an old friend for a new one Well I never left my childhood girlfriend but I soon put my best friend label on Brig
My childhood girlfriend is a better girl by the way but I'm not sexually attracted to her because she's like a sister to me because I've known her for a long time but I liked Brigi from the start and she always turned me on with her snuggly style
With her I could have imagined a little pampering of her friends Especially after I broke up with my boyfriend But still according to the polls most women are bisexual
 of course including those who only slept with one of their girlfriends drunk or even fantasized about women I didn't feel so self - evident
I thought I'd secretly find a strange girl to enjoy the new pleasures of girly sex with Back in the day my friends used to go to drum and bass parties which I liked but since I was 13 house Music has really turned me on and I've never been to a house party but since none of them wanted to go with me I didn't want to go alone so I decided to go with them to dárenbés even though I've been tired of that atmosphere for a while One night as usual the girls and I were walking down to a house club where one of my favorite old songs was banging:
- This song is awesome - said Brigi with wine on fire - I haven't heard that in ages
- Can we just go in here?  I was only half-joking about asking because I thought she was into drum and bass too
- Hey - he called out to the girls - We're going in here - it may sound corny but for me right now my heart is racing That after we'd walked past that club a couple of times and I'd always rather have my heart drawn to it and the first time Brigi came with us she'd just say " Hey guys we're going to go in here”…
- Have fun - Dori and Lilla waved back
- Do you like house? - I smiled
- Not really but I've never been to a place like this It's time to try this - he was smiling before we stepped in front of the money-collecting officers
We had a cocktail that really nailed our previous Foundation and then we jumped into the crowd and started dancing We just wanted a girls ' night out Is it because of the drink or would it have happened anyway? We just started stroking each other's hips and when a lock of hair stuck to Brigi's face with sweat I smoothed it over and kissed her
We've been kissing for minutes and I'm totally not excited to be seen by other people
I downloaded this photo from a party photo site The next day I thought I'd look up see if we could see any of the pictures Well I'll be damned We had no idea that someone had taken us in close proximity He didn't even ask if he could put us on Anyway we're going to be in this relationship now and Brig really likes it that I'm going to record US with this story so here we go:
I'm the girl with the sunglasses
Looks like the gentleman pointing at us is splitting his fingers from the view
We were at the club till dawn and then walking home to say goodbye :
- You could kiss me like that again
- If you like  I breathed on her alcoholic lips before she kissed me
We waited for his high-heeled knock to pass us before we parted
- Come by Monday morning - I told you - My parents come to work at 10: 00


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