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Tears fell from the red eyes Joanne was in her eighth romantic drama that day but she didn't want to stop torturing herself The player suddenly started to rip the disc In her surprise she quickly wiped her face and jumped out from under the blanket to save the film The last three days have not been pleasant Anderson's socks so he carefully removed the DVD from the hot player
Perhaps it is time for bed he thought raising his eyes to the wall clock It's just after 11: 30 That night he put his head on the pillow without brushing and bathing He was still spinning for so long he couldn't sleep It would have been so nice to just forget about the troubles for a few hours Instead he just lay there and Sam's face was floating in front of him You were wondering why you were actually crying? He's the one who said no to another relationship He didn't want to go into the Big Love business The man didn't hurt her In fact no one has ever treated him so kindly And yet you gave him a basket He sat up on the bed and put his forehead in his Palm Why are you afraid of a challenge? I mean it's not legal for one failure to follow another But it's too late for that The man's plane took off he's never gonna see her again and he just realized he's in love with this man Maybe Jo will regret her decision for the rest of her life But he was sure of one thing You'll never forget that warm smile and that soft handshake
He got out of bed and went into the kitchen It was about 2: 00 in the morning He reached into the fridge and took the milk out to pour himself a glass Someone's at the door Joanne didn't flinch she wasn't surprised He's used to it Katey the neighbor's 18-year-old must have snuck out of the house again and forgot to take a key with him It has happened more than once that the girl in a mini dress shivering on Jo's porch to ask for the key her father gave her in case she needed it He never complained about it because he was only ten years older than her remembering similar experiences from his teens otherwise she would always repay the night rescue missions with a little cleaning on the weekends Jo walked to the front door and opened it regardless of the cold November wind but it wasn't Katey It was Sam Sam who's supposed to be heading for the other hemisphere Sam who even on the porch gave him that warm smile after a few days before glancing at the table with a gloomy smile while Jo kept telling him why she didn't want another relationship Jo shuddered They didn't say anything they just looked at each other's faces The man looked deeply into his eyes and his gaze sank lower and turned his eyes in confusion She then realized that she was wearing only a light nightgown which could reach her ankles in vain as long as it was translucent He ran from the door red to the ears looking for something to wear
With his first move he knocked over the coat hanger and landed on the ground where he slipped and nearly broke his neck He stumbled into the living room clumsy and for lack of a better laid a blanket over himself on the couch He ran back to the door Sam was still looking at one of the garden lamps with an interested look
'Come in' he said in a faint voice as he entered the House He closed the door behind him and then he put him in the living room and sat him on the couch - didn't you say you were going back to Sydney today?
- Not really no I was supposed to go yesterday Now it's 2: 24 am and Thursday It is strange that you are not surprised - he looked at Jo with a serious face who once again turned red for it was indeed past Wednesday two and a half hours
- I was just about to have a glass of milk You want anything? - he asked in confusion and stepped behind the counter Next to the man's mouth the smiling dimples appeared again
- No thank you
- Why Did you come here Sam? - she put down her glass and tried to speak with a firm voice He felt that if he lost control of his muscles for one minute he could start shaking convulsively He took a deep breath and started talking
 I got to the airport and they announced my flight was delayed by an hour So I sat down and waited I've been thinking Maybe 25 30 minutes And I realized something I let it go In the past I would have thrown myself into the fight recklessly but now when you told me you didn't want anything to do with me I didn't even ask for a chance to prove myself All I had to do was defy your decision When I was a teenager I was able to compete with other guys just so I could win and now I'm running away I didn't want to go home When I told you it didn't matter because I'm going back to Australia this week anyway I lied I made that decision then and there


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