Extra Big Dicks – Pushing Limits

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I once chatted with a girl who claimed she slept with her father He described in detail how it started how good the sex was with him and he even offered to let us have a threesome It just seemed so incredible so dirty Now if it wasn't fake I'd understand her feelings better I had the same thoughts: the shame the guilt which was more and more suppressed by the desire to throw myself back into his arms The Forbidden Fruit was much sweeter and more exciting and he was right I longed for him his big strong arms to hold me RIP my clothes off and fuck me hard As my hand went into my jeans I realized I didn't want his love like in some cheesy girl's novel I wanted his body so he could control me
I can hear the gate open in a rustle I run out in front of him to throw myself into romantic's arms but instead of Peter I run into a big woman
- Hey - he cries out - You knock a man off his feet Evelyn
- Who are you? - the question is going to explode
 I work here I'm Dora
We look at each other I saw a tall brunette with a tattoo silicone boobs with a bleached hair expired " beauty" His long fingernails were not designed for housework and piercing his belly button did not necessarily show his culinary skills
 Peter told me what a pretty little niece he had and I thought he was exaggerating but you are a really hot chick - spank my ass
A sharp horn interrupted our acquaintance
- Hey  open the gate We all jump together to obey him He drove in and after he got out of battered Dacia's SUV he grinned: Are you guys dressing me up? We're gonna laugh Indeed we both wear ripped shorts and yellow bras My uncle grabs Dora and gives her a passionate kiss After that it was my turn He gently kisses my face and then he starts caressing my breasts with a slow circular motion As it falls to me I can feel its long hard genitals its hands massaging my moistened genitals through the rough material of the jeans and when my hips start to move rhythmically when I'm lustfully panting it sticks its hand under my panties My bloated clitoris will be delighted to see the Master Game of her fingers when I realize that Dora is staring at us with a grin
- Not here - I'm trying to unravel your embrace
- Don't tell me what to do - he stood up for me She grabs my hair and drag me into the House - You do as I say - Do you understand?
She's gonna rip my bra off in one move and throw herself at me He's gonna grab my chest and hit me on the neck He starts sucking my neck hard He's doing it so long so intense and so many places I know I'm gonna be covered in love bite marks tomorrow It sucks my nipples out It sucks my tits out Then he falls on his knees and sucks my stomach out
I'm afraid of him but I'm strangely intrigued by his anger his hardness I'm so wet and I'm so high my thighs are shaking It's sucking my stomach He's pulling my pants down It's sucking on my hip He's sucking on my Hill He'll kiss my clitoris and suck out my inner thigh Then he gets up he turns me over and he sucks my back
He pushes me down on the couch and I'm face down and then he opens my legs and his tongue falls into me I grab the edges of the mattress and scream It's suddenly moving away from my body
- Sit on the pillow spread your legs and play with yourself
- Objection
- Do it
- You want me to help you? "He asks in a hopeful voice Dora
- Hell no
Peter's hand swings forward catches mine - Come on I look at a stain on the wall and I caress myself As I'm on the verge of orgasm it hits me with its mouth and grabs my hips and its tongue pushes deep into me and I writhe and unwittingly flinch around its tongue
I'm still having trouble breathing and my muscles are convulsing when it rolls me hard and drives face down on the back of the sofa My elbow is pressed into the seat cushion and the hard wooden frame of the couch cuts into my diaphragm He puts his hand on one of my butt cheeks and gently caresses it I'm so wet In the silence of the room I hear the sound of a zipped-off zipper and the rustling of clothes that were roughly thrown aside
I'm shaking as he grabs my hair and pulls my head up I'm wheezing as he leans over me and smooches his fiery mouth from my earlobe to my collarbone  How does it feel to be so beautiful and fucking seductive that men can't resist you? - grumbling I'm not answering her so she's pulling my hair - Tell me Cousin how does it feel to shake knowing that your hot little pussy is driving you crazy? - he's asking
My mouth is closing my breath is leaving fast and hard louder than his voice It stings my nipples()


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