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I've recently been on student duty I've been working there a long time since we got a new associate My colleague knew him from a long time ago so I quickly learned the basic information about him
Erik was younger than me tall blond blue-eyed kind of average type and I didn't think much of it seeing as I was in a relationship At first I thought he was too pompous more eccentric so our relationship didn't really extend beyond saying hello It's been months and we've had to work together more and more and my personal problems have come to light I talk openly in front of people about certain things I feel better when someone listens to me I couldn't seem to find any deaf ears but eventually Erik opened up not only did he listen to my story but he began to tell his own Turns out we have very similar problems
I didn't realize itafter a while I fell in love with him and we became friends even though he told me afterwards he didn't like me at all
I liked working with him thanks to our boss I was with him almost every time so I didn't really realize how much I liked him
That's where I started to notice that I missed him when he wasn't there when I was working I guess she was too because she was getting more and more in even though she wasn't supposed to be working that day at all
We noticed that we weren't indifferent to each other that we had a soft spot for each other and of course it was a joke and I was in love with my boyfriend and he respected that We said we couldn't have anything we made it clear that we were attracted to each other but it stopped there He always said that when we stopped working together and I stopped falling in love I should tell him We could spend some time together
And then I left the business and I was trying to focus on studying and enjoy my last summer at home before I went to another school My Leaving was complicated and my relationship with my boyfriend went bad and we broke up I was depressed
Erik asked me to come over he's alone let's talk tell him about my little grief tried to convince me that if I talked myself out of it now it would be better again
I went over there Even though I knew it wasn't just a conversation I've known for months that I was attracted to him that I was trembling that if he was around me that he touched me that he would rub my hair after he apologized for overdoing it with his jibber-jabber I knew if I went there now I might ruin a friendship but I went anyway
I walked by with a bottle of red wine in my hand
It was dark when I got there From the dim light I saw a man's body drawing out at the back entrance Erik wearing underdressed in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt He invited me into the House
I felt like it was perfectly natural for me to be there like she wasn't even waiting for me like I was going there every day
And we started talking Our lives our problems the world human relationships I liked talking to him He had so many things to say and somewhere I looked up to him for being younger than me but sometimes he's a lot wiser
It's been a while and I noticed myself staring at it And I like it Desirable
He showed me the cellar and when I came back to the living room I couldn't help but rub it over his shoulder He looked at me strangely and I was afraid he'd think I was intrusive but he stood in front of me and reached for my waist I could feel his hands burning like boiling water on my skin He pulled me in I was hiding and then he pushed me away:
- You can't do that
I could have whined because I wanted him to hold me in his arms He knew he could read my mind he knew what I wanted but he wouldn't let me He pulled me back in
"Don't play with me please" I asked as I looked deeply into his eyes and smoothed him over both his shoulders
He pulled me right to his face Not only his hands his breath was hot I wanted to kiss her so badly she wouldn't let me He was almost on my lips when he spoke again:
- It's not right
"You're right I have no business being here at this hour" said I turning on the corner and walking towards the door I've never felt so much power around me in my life I remember him reaching for my hand and almost pulling me down the hallway and kissing me I held her caressed her kissed her as I understand it His sharp tongue gently discovered my lips and as time passed my heart began to beat and I could hear every beat of it And he heard it He held me against the wall kept kissing me He smoothed my waist and kissed me on the neck To emphasize the feeling he touched my neck with his hand and then slowly and slowly as if he were in the dark he tickled through my breasts all the way to my belly button By this time I had completely forgotten that I could destroy a friendship and all I could think about was what my body wanted I wanted to smell her her skin her touch()


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