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About 10 years ago I graduated from a country college as a math and physics teacher but I could not get a job there I returned to Budapest to my parents
I found a job here but to put it mildly I didn't like it the students didn't really like to study and it didn't turn me on and by the way about 98% of the students were boys and the girls weren't much fun either The school was so designed that part of the college was shared with a nearby high school but unfortunately we did not teach there except we used the common dining room My days have been rather dull since the local friends have either moved or got married or joined a new group of friends School in the morning gym in the afternoon library and sometimes at night I'd go out for a beer but that wasn't the best thing ' cause I was alone On one of these beer nights as I stood at the bar an old acquaintance cried out "I recognize you" of course but I did not like you very much but I sat there because it was more pleasant to drink a beer (I did not appear to be a drinker at the bar) two young girls sat in the table although I did not see them clearly because it was rather dark in the saloon and the amount of beer consumed increased The weather was rather good and the company was pleasantly disappointing open honest kind and intelligent and as it turned out the girls lived in the same dorm where I had lunch One of the girls at about 10: 00 pm when we were all tipsy she said " I'm not sure she likes me" I didn't think much of it because he had a couple of beers he hadn't even seen me and he didn't know me
However we had an appointment the next day and my time was in order even if he didn't show up but he did We met in a park and we had a really good talk and it turns out I was right about him being intelligent and smart At 7: 00 pm I asked him if he wanted to come up and the answer was yes and I was not surprised because I had no ulterior motives; I just wanted to get to know the 18-year-old "little"girl as well as a glass of wine After we went upstairs and talked we gradually moved on to our issues to see what would happen to us
And he said " your girlfriend told you to do what you want" I knew what you meant but I really wasn't sure so I took it easy It was a good guess after a short facial I kissed my sensuality slowly not hurried The kiss did the trick she immediately indicated that it would work After the kiss I took care of his neck and ears and it got louder which gave me a feeling of not-so-confident self-confidence and I kept getting lower and lower getting the most excited about his breasts but it wasn't too big but after a little pampering along with his incredibly pretty body I went on my exploring trip and arrived at the very wet pants which I had a little difficulty peeling off Then I began to lower the adventure with my tongue after the leg fingers the foot followed the calf and thigh and slowly very slowly approached the pretty white very pleasant and soft underwear still on it
Through this I first gave only delicious kisses to the most sensitive part then licked it through the little panties then massaged it the effect did not go away she seemed to like it After a short game I gently pulled the little piece of canvas and I saw one of nature's most beautiful and exciting creatures pussy At first I touched it with my tongue and then I became more and more affectionate to the little lips With my finger I entered her narrow vagina very gently and gently which she acknowledged with loud moans During the not-so-short foreplay I was so turned on it was as if I didn't pamper her she pampered me I hadn't thought of oral foreplay on his part since this is practically the first time we've met
I carefully adjusted my male member which rivaled the hardness of the diamond to its entrance and very slowly entered the narrow and wet opening()


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