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The worn-out Xander fell to the ground unconscious; the Russians were out for a while He lay there for about half an hour when he awoke as the guards returned in a row They came up to him and raised him violently; the hands of the weary ex-agent were handcuffed together and held him up to the ceiling with a long chain The crucified American was now beaten and slapped; they tried to make a pass at him but as he had barely regained consciousness he did not react too intensively He was pulled out of the stupor by a bucket of cold water and the realization that without the leather coat the soldiers continue their duties On the table there was a larger structure which triggered a buzzing sound The machine was like a transformer with a coil on it The soldiers now took out electrodes and stepped in front of XxX One of them rolled up the machine on which it began to tinkle more and the other approached with the two cables He threatened to touch the two ends and there were big sparks The laughing soldier now said something in Russian but the American did not care at all for the soldier slowly moved the wires to his two arms The current pulled through Xander's heart and felt his muscles tense The soldier seemed very interested in his muscles for he watched his biceps flinch under a spell; so he made this most unpleasant game a few more times The cable end moved further down and now the spy's chest and pectoral muscles began to rub with one iron while the other was threatened by his waving in the air waiting for the pain Xander began to feel self-conscious beyond pain for he had discovered a strange pleasure in the eyes of the soldier The Russian on his wet and sweaty body pulled the cable up and down and touched the other one once in a while; and in the meantime he enjoyed his vulnerability more than ever Both swollen pectoral muscles and stretched armpits were impressive for the soldier The man writhing in pain had nowhere to go; his muscles twitched and all he could do was scream The next painful point was when the soldier came to him with the power cut off and with the tweezers on the cable ends he held his nipples shut The two thick teeth pierced the sensitive parts and the answer was a repressed sigh and an angry escape attempt When he got to the machine the Russian started turning the dial Xander felt the current pull through his chest and his pecs pulsating The long-lasting current caused his pectoral muscles to convulsecausing him to scream It was teary but the pain didn't go away In fact The soldiers turned the dial up and Triple thought his muscles would burst Even though he was twitching he couldn't escape; he panicked and twitched
Half an hour later after another bucket of water the soldier took off his tweezers and laughed with his bright eyes He walked around the man who had been tied up looked at his genitals which hung there thick; and then standing behind him at an unexpected moment reaching between his legs he seized his manhood Triple it as a reflex he wanted to get there but his chains wouldn't let him He felt vulnerable and uncomfortable with a stranger holding his tool The soldier now grabbed his penis and held it like he was trying to pull it and massaged it The other three soldiers laughed and said something in Russian The groping soldier now felt the sensitive part of the wound which was exclaimed by the angry booing Xander The satisfied soldier now moves down to his balls and after playing with them he pulls his hand back to his ass He took the cables in his hand and then he shoved them up his ass Instead of the expected pain you now have an interest in XxX The current did not come at high voltage as it did at first but in little pain; it was a little prick so it was unpleasant The Russian was laughing and he was circling the bottom with the electrode He watched his muscular ass snap and let me out
The cable now lowered it until it reached its testicles between its legs The man was now agitated by the surprise; then he became more and more nervous as he stepped in front of the soldier and crouched He continued the previous process but now from the front between his legs he pulled the uncomfortable hip cables on the inner side of his thighs sometimes touching his testicles()


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