Eleven Inches

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When I started to go to high school I thought the easiest way to go was to get a bus tram bus and then I spent a month on this strain until I realized that the subway station wasn't that far from me so I started to get around like that I got halfway across the road early in the morning at 7: 00 and I saw a boy walk in front of me for a few days He looked so familiar The other day he went crazy about how I knew him I used to try my luck through dating with more or less success I wrote to a boy there there was a picture of him First he wrote to me and so we exchanged letters and then he asked me to e-mail him a picture he'd never seen before I sent you an e-mail and I got back an e-mail saying I'm sorry but I'm not into her Boom I did
And then we got the idea to see if he was still registered And I found it I quickly signed myself back in and I wrote to him that I couldn't see him by accident in the morning I had to wait a month but he answered Turns out I don't see him but he remembers me We exchanged a few letters and set up a meeting The day before that he called and we talked
The next day I couldn't help myself It was terribly cold that day We were supposed to meet at 9: 00 but I was smart enough to get up at 7: 30 and get ready By 8: 00 I was on pins and needlesI didn't know what to do with myself I left half an hour early to see if they were still building the asphalt Well I was screwed because I got out in 10 minutes and I stood and waited
I didn't know what to expect I knew he was a rocker and he wore boots and he wore black but that's all the information I had And the picture of him on the site he was like a year old
So I just waited I froze I hid in the big cabin and I saw someone come in front of me look at me smile and say hello I said "hello three kisses" and he gave me the Red Rose my heart's greatest desire By the way I must add that I had a boyfriend back then but he never gave me one even though I asked for one but that's irrelevant We headed to the bus stop and took off I told him where to go on the way A cemetery We were on the bus and I was staring at the Rose and the face He had the hoodie on a Baseball cap He was a head taller than me and I had to look up to him
We went to the cemetery and when we first sat down I asked him if I should be bad He told me to be I unzipped his fly and stroked his penis through his boxer shorts He looked at me funny so I pulled my hand out and I unzipped it()


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