Dude jerks huge dick after shower

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It's been almost two weeks since we've seen each other and we've only been able to talk on the phone this is a married woman but now we're finally alone again Just him and me in a little hotel room where we didn't have to worry about anyone interrupting us As soon as we came in we went at each other We were teeming with hot kisses on each other's lips on each other's faces and then she slowly opened her mouth from my embrace He held his hand against my chest kept his distance He looked me in the eye:
- Wait wait wait We've got all night I want everything to be perfect
Well it certainly was to me but I did not rush it for we had the room until noon the next day When he saw that I had calmed down a little he turned his back and went into the bathroom A few moments later I heard the water running That's when I realized I was standing by the door like I was stuck in the ground I put the bags out of the way took off my shoes walked over to the door and slowly pressed the door handle He was waiting for me
The shower was filled with lukewarm water and she was standing across from me in her underwear leaning against the tiny bathroom
- I'd like to take a bath first
He stepped on me started unbuttoning my shirt I didn't move I wanted him to get rid of all my clothes I held her hand at my underwear and I gently moved her if she touched me I couldn't stop there After standing there naked my penis undoubtedly conveyed my thoughts to him he also stepped out of his lace white panties and turned his back on me indicating that he was saving the pleasure of removing the bra for me He turned to me hugged me and pushed me gently toward the water On my skin I felt the pleasant touch of cold water spray Our bodies were glowing with the thought of the night waiting for us but we held back We used a soft sponge to wash each other's bodies and then we went back to the room without a towel After the lukewarm shower the air in the room almost hit me in the head but he didn't give me time to mention it He put his arms around me from behind and he started scratching my chest and stomach which gave me goose bumps As he went down his touch became more delicate
My cold-calming Dick re-stiffened almost the moment he put his fingers on it I turned to her so I could see her eyes as she gently massaged me He stepped a little closer to me pushed me towards the bed and not for a moment let go of my prancing part of the man He sat me down on the fresh sheets and then he knelt between my legs At first he was just kissing my thighs making sure his face touched me and almost made me feel pain Luckily he didn't want to torture me for too long He grabbed my dick again and put it in his mouth while I sighed loudly and leaning on my hands I lay back on the bed a little bit I closed my eyes and focused on Joy He smoked her caressed her and licked my Acorn again and again with his tongue and gave her a gentle massage with his hand and then when he felt that I was very close he sucked it deep into his mouth again and never let her go until he licked the last drop of it When I finally came to I could talk I opened my eyes but I didn't get a chance to speak He stood above me with his legs open I saw her pink blood on her lips and I felt a little moisture as she glanced at the inner side of her thighs
'I hope you didn't think it was just for you' she said approaching her pussy towards my face
He got down on his knees and I raising my head a little bit found myself facing his butt He rose a little so that I could free my hands and I threw myself right into the watering hole With my hands I spread her lips a little and with my tongue I took turns spoiling her clitoris and vagina I could feel her coming to orgasm because she was breathing more and more and more and more and I wanted to enjoy the taste of her pussy so I kept my head down and distracted her from her pussy()


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