Daddy, Stop!

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I was on a holiday abroad with my wife The hotel had an evening of playful entertainment but only his name was on the sign At the front desk she offered us a perky smile but she didn't tell us anything about it except for the time and place Since we didn't have anything special to do we decided to leave It was a very expensive one at the front desk but the lady at the front desk said we wouldn't regret it The program was located in a large castle-like building nearby There was a large ballroom and several small chamber-stage rooms In the main hall you could eat at a buffet and have drinks The lighting was a bit light but it was more of a mood lighting The lights were placed in hidden corners with only the reflected light Its colors were varied red and green alternating mixtures We weren't really dressed but we were hot There was a pleasant smell floating in the air It was a very exciting environment
There were different arcade games You could play pool play Darst play cards There were spiritual competitions and role-playing games The guests could apply to any one of them any one of them There was no need to pay for participation in the games Pawnshops had to be handed in and they had a point By the end of the evening we had seen people whose clothes were quite incomplete The good points and the pawnshop values moved with the actor along with the locations As we learned there it was only worth leaving this gambling den clean because the redemption of pawn items (or points) was very expensive in money Of course the games were optional It could have been a spectator We were just spectators at first While we were looking we got to a place where the pawn shop could be redeemed At first we didn't know what it was We were in a bigger room with a big entrance without a door Actually we got there by accident We looked in the hallway and saw that there were quite a lot of people in there In the middle of the room there was a little stage-like formation lit up It's surrounded by small tables chairs bar-like service The tables were in the dark My wife and I sat down at a table like this We asked for champagne and watched what was happening on stage A woman and a man were playing role-playing and they had to get each other on the phone They sat back to back and it was like they were really apart talking over the phone caressing themselves And they got each other and the audience really excited After the end of their show they were applauded There was a scoring machine at every table that could appreciate the performance Since we didn't see it from the beginning and didn't know what the assignment was we didn't appreciate it By the way the evaluation was optional When they left the stage they used a loudspeaker to call in those whose pawn value exceeded 80 points On the other side of the room we had to go into a small room for the women and the men separately After a while the staff led a man and a woman to the stage They had to be led out because they were blindfolded On the stage there was a box-like furniture covered in fur The characters were stopped against each other
Quiet pleasant music told them to start their program They were groping each other They started mapping each other but it didn't work out because they were stuck in each other's hands He then gently took her hands and placed them next to her body She understood that he wanted to explore her first The man slowly stroked her body with excitable caresses He assessed her clothing When he was finished he took her hands and placed them on his shoulder to let her know it was his turn She made the survey even more exciting He went round my back and he put his arm around her He also caressed his partner's entire body They didn't say a word to each other as we learned later it was protocol When she finished her survey she stood up to him stroked his face his shoulder and ran through his arms and reached his hands Clasping his hands with his man pulling them to his breasts and letting him go gave him a free pass Now the man went to her back but he did not step away from her for a moment Behind him under her arms a stretcher to her breasts and she was clearly caught in it Meanwhile the stage slowly started spinning so everyone could see everything He then slipped his hands up to the collar of her blouse and began to unbutton it When he was done with the button-up he was all excited to rub her blouse while he was kissing her shoulders biting her On top of her she was wearing a very hot black bra Now it's the woman He took off his shirt his shoes his socks and his pants()


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