daddy sessions | 06


After that my night was terrible I was so upset and excited he didn't want to let go At dawn however there was an unexpected turn My friend Charles hid in my room Bro are you asleep? With a question No I answered What do you say we go watch mommy sleep? "My friend" said he with an accomplice smile I wish I could The answer came out of my mouth Come on then Charles had already rushed forward and I followed him a little while in my cotton pajamas Charles slowly gently pressing down the big gilded doorknob snuck into his mother's room I stopped at the door that was left open I'm very excited to see this wonderful woman but I was extremely embarrassed if she saw me As I looked in the divine woman lay on her back on the big double bed Completely naked covered up a small part of you with a thin silk sheet Which is based on the fact that it was crushed across the abdomen So her breasts and her spread-out long thighs and of course her completely shaved pussy were completely visible As she breathed while sleeping her breasts slowly pulsed up and down It was so hot to see that my cock was once again hard as a rock I watched this divine woman sleep and her body throbs slowly That's when I looked away and to my surprise my friend Charles was standing at his mother's bed jerking off while slowly pulling the covers off I didn't need any moreI took my hard dick out of my pants and went into the room I sided with my friend and I started shaking my dick too Meanwhile my friend's mother slept on unaware of the events My friend Charles was almost delirious
- My mother has beautiful breasts You're not? He asked with a totally disfigured face
- Yes very hot I answered
- I'd love to hold it and suck it He breathed my friend
Then out of control he grabbed her left breast and sucked her nipples like crazy But then his mother suddenly woke up She opened her eyes and looked right at me while her son continued to suck on her tits I was so shocked I just stood there with my hard dick in my hand I couldn't move because I was scared This was an even more unexpected turn of events This divine woman began gently caressing her son's head with pleasure And that's when I realized that they had done this before and they wanted me in their little game
- My other breast is still free
"My friend's mother" said she pleasantly as she stroked her son's head with her left hand
I disturb you not at all but this is the situation and of course the woman is so excited that I lost my head like a hungry lion fell on the beautiful breast left free I just smoked and licked and kissed Meanwhile my friend doing the same thing licked and kissed her mother's breast I thought my dick would pop right awayI was too scared to jerk off I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could My friend's mother made us realize she liked our operation
- Ahhhh my hungry little Tigers lick mommy's tits He was breathing I want you little brats to bite He was getting deeper into it Tonight I have two naughty boys who will grant my every wish He said in a lechery voice
I was a little surprised by the definite turn of events but I was so ecstatic that I didn't care about it or even more excited I just looked up to my friend who was still busy licking his mother's breasts Suddenly my friend's mother pushed us away
- You little perverts He cried out You want to fuck your own mother He went on I was so surprised I almost froze
Kneel to the foot of the bed He kept going
Then I looked at my friend who had not the slightest hint of surprise and he did it slowly and comely as his mother commanded us to do That's when I started to understand that it was all part of some perverted little game It gave me a little peace of mind and I knelt at the foot of the bed next to my friend And my friend's mother stood on the bed completely naked()


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