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I took the train from the capital just like I did two years ago Alone Because you have to come here alone so that you can become one with the great and rich soul that is marked as Russia on the map I came by train again to see ordinary people and to feel no remorse which always captivates me when I come to a poor country I didn't want to feel that as a tourist I too would become an exploiter of this forsaken people these forsaken people A familiar cold whiteness froze the horizon when I left the House Here I am again The same Lakes pine trees birch forests as they were two years ago It's the same indescribable feeling I get when I see the taiga again I was standing outside the cabin looking at the water
The sound of a car knocked me out of my sweet melancholy He's here I haven't seen you in over two years and I still feel like dancing It was him; a little more tired eyes a little more full but the same full red lips He jumped on my neck and didn't say a word just tears We went into the House Her fur fell on a chair on the bed
- It's good to be back It's good to be back Kiss me now
And I kissed her just like when we first met in Petersburg at the embassy reception Her white skin always compelled me I slowly kissed her neck and unbuttoned her costume and we went through every inch of each other until we ended up lying there naked I kissed his skin from his toes to the Venus mound covered in blonde flakes I Kissed The Pink chalice and pulled it to me He pulled his legs under him and kneeled in front of me so we kissed for minutes We caressed each other and enjoyed the sight of nudity I excited her nipples and kissed her shoulders
I touched her clitoris and in response she opened her legs wider All my attention was devoted to giving her the greatest pleasure I could His body began to stretch and sigh softly I circled her clitoris with soft movements sometimes smoothing the ever-growing wet and open gap from her bottom to her belly button He held on to my neck with his left hand and with his right hand stroked my chest and then his hand touched my dick He gently pulled the wine back and with his fingers spread the seeds on my Acorn For a second there I thought I was gonna come right away but that was waiting for you He let me go and put his head back on his hands
I continued to excite her beautiful chalices with both hands I caressed her clitoris with my thumb while my other hand was already in her vagina Her sighs grew into screams her body was filled with sweet tremors and she came He climbed up on his knees again and kissed me()


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