Dad and son

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Adam's been waiting in the car for a long time It was night he had to keep the engine running ' cause it got really cold out there He was checking his cell phone and then he rang a phone number He looked nervously at his watch and smoked a cigarette He pulled down the window blew the smoke out through it A dark figure came out of the nearby house The boy looked with interest and recognized his girlfriend Sabina He threw out the cigarette quickly and put a gum in his mouth When she got closer you could see what she was wearing Long boots black miniskirt dark leather jacket It was very cold but the boy was troubled that he could not see the bosom of his girlfriend When Sabina got in the car her black curls fell on her shoulders She smiled at her friend and said:
- I hope you don't mind I'm late
- Well
Before Adam could say anything she pulled off the zipper of her coat under which was a low-cut pink top The boy got excited and the girl's perfume always fascinated him
- You ready to go? "said Adam - Wait I haven't kissed you yet Sabina kissed her boyfriend while she leaned her hand on the boy's boner They smiled and she grabbed a strong hand on the penis and they drove off in the car
It was a Saturday night and the two young men threw themselves into the night At first they were invited to a house party but they didn't want to stay there long It was organized by one of Adam's childhood friends but other than booze there were just horny boys out there starving to death watching the only girl
'We should hurry' whispered her friend
- Okay I'm just gonna finish my beer
She didn't like the fact that her boyfriend was drinking while driving but she couldn't get through to him In his boredom he went to the player and looked at the music A fat disgusting boy walked in on him
- Hi - hi I'm Pisti
- Hi - hi - she was grinning
- Are you drinking?  a little drunk guy handed me a glass
- What's in there?
- Vodka
Sabina took the glass He smelled it and because he couldn't take it any other way he flushed it
- Would you like to dance? - he asked
- Some other time She left the boy so disgusting and returned angry to her friend Adam took a look at what she wanted so he said Good-bye to his buddy and moved on They were on their way to the next town where the local disco was played by real star DJs The road was only a few kilometers away and Sabina became more and more Lush in the car He started caressing her breasts and reaching under her top He bit his mouth as he looked at Adam The boy smiled and winked a few at the girl who took her friend's Dick
"Don't do that while you're driving" said Adam
- But I'm so upset - she's sad
- You wanted to party so bad we could have stayed home
- I know - take a break "Let's do it in the car" exclaimed Sabina
The boy's eyes lit up pulled over to the side of the road then stopped the engine They went at each other like crazy They kissed caressed each other Sabina unzipped the boy's zipper and reached into his pants Adam had a stiff tail in a heartbeat They were so immersed in each other they didn't realize that a car had stopped behind them Two men came out of it and entered the lovebirds ' cars One of them knocked on the window I'm in there they're really scared Adam rolled down the window and calmed down when he saw it was the police
- Good evening traffic control Papers Please
The boy gave all the documents to the officer who ordered him to leave Adam did as he was asked
- Mr blacksmith please zip up your zipper The boy touched his fly with confusion The other officer waved to the girl and said she had to prove herself Sabina got out of the car too so she was cold
"It is not what it seems" said Adam
- We'll be the judge of that - the officer locked the door of the boy's car in a fit of rage
- Oh no "'cried Adam It's the wrong lock you can't just open it with a key and it's still in the car
"Shit" she said
'I really can't' said the policeman on the other side trying to open the door a few times In the darkness of the night without a coat the night seemed cold
- Let me make a phone call have them bring me the spare key
- Not yet - the policeman looked at the documents
 Then at least let us get in your car
- Mr Kovács I can't do that for youI have to take a report but the lady has to verify you in every way so let her get in
The officer on the other side showed her the way Sabina went forward and the officer followed her with a look They both got in the car
"Prostitution is very common here" said the policeman in the car checking the identity of the person()


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