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I've been reading the stories on the page for a long time and I've always wanted to share some of my stories with you just where I didn't feel like writing them That story is 100% true and it happened to me so I didn't make it up of course but I changed the locations and the names in it I have my first paper so please criticize me :)
I live in a small settlement with a population of just over 3000 so you might say almost everyone knows everyone It was summer the schoolchildren enjoyed their summer break their freedom In the afternoons when the weather was a little chilly we used to go out with friends and hang out with friends in the village sometimes 20 of us gathered young people (15 to 23 years old)
The other day I noticed a stranger in the crowd It caught my eye right away About 5 '10" brown eyes straight hair to the black shoulder and a very pretty face He was skinny but he wasn't the skeleton type he was kind of shapely he had a really good ass and he had great relatively large breasts At first I thought it must be some kind of vacation place because in the summer you see a lot of strangers in the settlement relatives friends hikers foreigners I quickly found out her name her age her name was Annett she was 19 and most surprising she wasn't a vacation home but to my surprise she lived here where I lived I didn't have a girlfriend at the time and I soon found out that she didn't have a boyfriend either They just broke up after a four-year relationship I could see the light of my eyes when I heard that I really liked it and I decided to get it I'm not much of a pusherI like to take my girls nice and slow and of course that's how I started it now I was always waiting for the opportunity to talk to him or to make a funny call to him to see me (although later it turned out that it was unnecessary because he immediately noticed me without it) but after that I was very excited about the afternoons so that the band would gather and I could finally see him
Every day we got closer and closer we looked for each other's company we talked more and more we exchanged phone numbers and it wasn't just in the afternoons that we were able to contact each other We used to text each other a lot at night at first in disguise and then more and more let each other know that we're not indifferent to each other During the afternoon bandings we sat next to each other more and more touching each other I was crazy about him we stayed out longer and longer and it got dark on us a lot and of course there were hardly any of us One of these nights I finally got what I wanted As a result of a gentle embrace I approached his mouth more and more It seemed like minutes and it was just a few seconds before I got to her mouth and we finally got our lips together She had a very nice mouth We started making out gently and then we just kept going on and on In the meantime I grabbed his ass and pulled him close to me It was delicious I could feel my pants shrinking right away But that's all that happened this evening
After that we got closer we got closer we got more each other I couldn't help myself and I caressed her ass or I grabbed her gently in the chest One time I asked her to my house and she said yes I was really excited when we finally got to second base There was no need to watch other people look at us or make funny comments when we touched each other It was just us He was wearing a tight pair of jeans and you could really see his lines and he had a tiny little top cut out I didn't want him to think I was intrusive so I didn't jump on him right away but after a while I was going crazy to feel his body (in hindsight it was unnecessary to make it look like that because he was going crazy to finally get on top of me) I turned on the TV and the computer so it wouldn't be quiet  He sat down next to me on the couch and watched the TV quietly often impatiently looking at me
That's when I got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore and I went for it We started making out wild hugging each other and I didn't know where to stroke it I wanted it all at once Starting from his neck I went down to his shapely breasts which I grabbed tightly and then I quickly went down the side of his ass We almost ate each other My dick was like " Oh my God" To get more access I got off the couch and I pulled him up by his hand and I took him in with a tongue kiss and I held his hips as tight as I could As soon as I felt her thighs pressed against my dick I was beside myself He also held me tight caressed my back my neck and gently shoved his tongue through my mouth which I had sensuously licked smoked I put her on the carpet quickly and through her pants I was sensual and I bit her pussy()


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