Cumpilation: New Era

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Lorena after her sex and her orgasms she went all night partying in a high-strung mood He stayed at the nightclub until 6: 00 in the morning When he got home he almost fell into his bed and then he didn't wake up until around 2: 00 in the afternoon Coffee made him a little conscious but he spent New Year's day tired and hung over
In the afternoon under the dark of night Lorena hurried towards Sanyi's House He opened the back door and entered the door and took off his coat and shoes As he walked towards the stairs he saw Sanyi's parents talking to some of their friends in the downstairs living room He greets them and then he goes down the stairs towards the upper level He knocked on the door of the kid's room and then he gently walked in Sanyi was sitting in front of his computer in his black rotating armchair In the dark room the lighting monitor was the only source of light and the speakers of the machine turned out to be soft music
Lorena closed the door behind her and turned the key in the lock Sanyi looked at him surprised after turning towards the voices
- Hi - hi - the boy said hello She stopped in front of him unzipped her cardigan came out of it and threw it on the bed He came closer to the boy slowly threw his left hand over him then his right thigh and sat across his lap from the front
- Happy New Year "he said smiling and kissing his partner's lips" shall we have the first fuck of the year?" "he asked softly with a perky smile on his face" Before Sanyi had a chance to answer Lorena stuck to his mouth again and shortly afterwards she stuck her tongue through him He gave the guy a slow lap dance when he was making out He rubbed the bottom gently but firmly against his swollen tail She separated from her lips and then she stuck to her neck He reached out with one hand to further excite his partner's tool through his trousers
Lorena pulled away from Sanyi reached into the black sport tracksuit and fished her tail out He wrapped his fingers around it and then made his hand go up and down While he was beating the cue he kissed the boy again
He got off of it pulled a condom out of his jeans and put it in his hand She unbuttoned her pants pulled them down with her panties and then came out Once again he sat on Sanyi's lap who had already opened it and placed the rubber on his dick She grabbed the stiff penis stuck it to her pussy and then slowly slipped on it On Sanyi's shoulder he sighed his head as he moved his bottom half up and down The guy meanwhile was holding both hands on her hard ass
Soon after Lorena stood up and moved her hips back and forth gasping and moaning with which she would occasionally circle a few He continued to jump up and down at an increasing rate which caused his buttocks to clench loudly against Sanyi's thighs His moods became even more intense and he didn't care that the people downstairs might hear him He went at a more intense pace and then when he reached the top he sat all the way into his penis Her vagina pulsed and clenched the penis inside which also began to throb
She rested for a few minutes listening to the quiet music and then stood upright
- Thanks for fucking New Year's Eve - he said with a smile and then a kiss on the boy's lips She got out of her lap and put on her clothes He was going because all he wanted was a quickie and an orgasm and he got them both to the max Sanyi convinced him for a while finally got him to stay He brought up soda and glasses and she took a seat in the boy's chair She stayed with him for a while to talk
Lorena in order to fulfill her promise to herself and her friends she signed up for an internet dating service He uploaded a better ID photo of himself and two whole-body photos He wrote a simpler introduction and looked around the site quickly He started getting ready after he saw the inventory He and his friends agreed to take a break from the party for a while because their last night was pretty wild But they did agree that regardless they could have girl afternoons and go out for drinks and sit-ins
Lorena along with Timi targeted a charming pub in Budapest which was chosen specifically because it was relatively close to the train station Since the train journey is back and forth in 20 minutes they were able to conveniently put together this afternoon's program
Vivi was waiting for them in the square not far from the station and after meeting him the three of them set off towards the pub
"I know a man for you" said Vivi sitting at one table having a Coke with red wine "she looks good she's fit she's a masseuse" and she gave Lorena her phone The girl looked at the screen and saw a guy with a few millimeters ' hair cut a strong face black eyes really muscular


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