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I had this incident in the Vietnam War and I haven't forgotten it since I never thought I'd have the most horrible days of my life to experience the most amazing sexual experience I've been telling it ever since but no one believes me old man
In the ugliest Battle of the Vietnam War a bomb went off next to me I was injured and unconscious I don't even know how much time I spent unconscious When I woke up I found myself in a hospital and a pretty red-haired nurse was changing my bandage As I opened my eyes I saw her full red lips and her deep cleavage I didn't even know where I was but I really liked what I saw Unwittingly my virility under the blanket which the nurse could only acknowledge with a smile and leave me alone at the end of her work
I hadn't seen him for days but every time I hoped he'd come in when the door opened When I had given up hope the red angel came to me again He didn't say a word he just took off my bandages cleaned my wounds and bent low so that I could see the beautiful breasts again I haven't seen a square centimeter of naked women's bodies in a long time so my tool reacted quickly In a matter of seconds he was hardened and tattling under the covers It seemed to me that the pretty nurse was not interested in the sight either for as soon as she noticed she licked her lips with a craving and then glanced at me with a blush I was content to acknowledge his reaction and move around in bed until "accidentally" the blanket fell to the ground The red nurse took the blanket from the ground with a burning face but she could not take her eyes off my hard-staring tool He tried to cover me up again but I took his hand gently and put it on my tool She couldn't resist him and she gently caressed him My left arm was covered in bandages but I reached up with my right hand and unbuttoned his cloak I started stroking those big hard tits I carefully removed the black lace bra from both of them licked my fingers and then excited the nipples which were hardening pretty quickly My heart fluttered when the nurse of my dreams excruciatingly licked her lips and gently bent over my cock In my wildest dreams I never thought it would come to this
The hot red nurse leaned over my steely tool in her hand and licked it around with a yuletide The touch of his delicate tongue made my Acorn swell He just smiled without a word and went on with what he had started He gently licked it round and round and then gently put my acorn in his mouth It was very exciting to see her beautiful red lips all over my tool With my eyes closed I enjoyed the pleasure that she gave me and I kept grabbing her huge breasts and getting excited and pecking her nipples I've never had such pleasure as this little redhead He enjoyed licking my acorns and then he ate them and sucked them gently He took it out of his mouth and licked it with the tip of his tongue from the bottom to the tip He started sucking it with a big mouth deeper and deeper until it was all gone I couldn't understand how he could fit my big fat cock in his mouth but I didn't care I really enjoyed letting it out completely taking a deep breath as the tip of his tongue excites my acorn and then he swallows it up again and deep down into his throat I've moaned so hard the nurse was so good at taking care of my body I let go of her breast and I reached into her panties Her pussy was dripping in her fluids I didn't think muchI put two fingers in a hot wet pussy My hot nurse reacted quickly because meg started sucking harder He took my dick out and took turns sucking on my balls And I fingered her tight pussy wildly with three fingers before she went all red He threw himself and came screaming as my fingers went in and out of his scented hole With my balls in his hand and my hard dick in his mouth he enjoyed it so much As he began to calm down a little bit he again smacked me with a vicious fire and with fierce passion and devilish technique began to suck my cock caressed my balls and looked me in the eye to see my reaction I couldn't take it any moreI had a lot of fun But the little minx wouldn't stop he just kept sucking on my dick sucking on my dick until he sucked every drop out of it He swallowed it with pleasure and licked it down to the last drop that spilled next to his lips
I wasn't at my best before but now I couldn't have moved so twisted by this little red devil angel He did not speak now but covered me with a happy smile on his face fixed his clothes and left me alone I looked into it yearning and I hoped I'd see it again
My days at the hospital started to take a little longer Physically I've had a really good time I just felt bad that I haven't seen that hot-blooded little redhead since()


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