coach disciplines his student

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The first time I saw Ági masturbate was when I was 13 It wasn't a big deal
In March a new resident moved into the family house next door a young woman in her 20s Even the thick clothing worn by the cold of March could not hide its pleasant lines Later when the luggage and furniture were brought in he had already disposed of the overcoat and was wearing a tracksuit which in addition to his lines sometimes allowed his skin to be tight On the waist on the neck It's not much of course but when I was 13 I was very hungry for the sight of a woman's body
One of the windows in the house next door half a floor below my room a few meters from mine It occurred to me that if I did not draw attention to myself I would be able to observe the young woman on a regular basis and of course I could have done so if she had moved into the room opposite me but there were only a few pieces of furniture and flowers Zsuzsa used to go there every day to water the plants but that was a pretty common sight
Until the beginning of the summer even though I stood behind my window I couldn't see anything interesting next door I was tired of standing there seeing the empty room and the winter garden watered was not a great experience Then a few days after school the room was occupied From somewhere far away a young girl some relative from the nearby family arrived on holiday and had just been placed in the room that had been vacant I did not pay much attention to him when he arrived but the next morning I had the opportunity to do so because I was afraid to risk when my parents were at home to stand by the window and stare but in the morning after waking up I began the day with this I saw right through the other window There was a low display curtain hanging on the frame above which my eyes fell on the bed
Ági that's when he woke up Since Zsuzsa the neighbor had already left home to work her niece was alone in the house and felt safe At home I thought she must have been living with her parents and she might not have been able to separate herself in her room so she probably only met her own body in the bathroom or in the toilet but now in her solitude she began to explore quietly
He pushed the blanket away and then he undid the top of his pajamas He started massaging drops ' breasts but the nipple just got a little bit bigger I thought it was an eleven or twelve-year-old form which it was quite advanced for but it was out of my reach However this did not mean that I was not interested in the morning preening
He threw off his pajama top and put his right hand in his pants The thin textile was almost transparent so I could follow the fingers with which he first stroked his groin lengthwise and then slowly opened his legs wider and wider and he walked with his fingers and toes through the open thighs on the pubic Hill By the time the pajama pants were more serious he began to push her away but with the stroking movement hardly stopped Apparently he had no experience in prolonging the game and prolong the fun - at least that's what I saw
I had known the pleasures of this kind of game for a few years and I could have advised him on how to pass the time while maintaining the state of excitement but I could not have given a course to a girl who would probably be very frightened if she knew that the morning's activity in the house next door would be monitored
The pants went down every inch It is true that the sight of the undeveloped body did not excite me very much but I found the act I was contemplating remarkable I think that despite a few years of practice I will soon come to see such a sight from a girl of my age early in the morning but just looking at a little girl I waited calmly for what she would do to herself the first morning she woke up alone in an apartment
His hand slowly emerged from the bottom of the trousers which stroked his hairless body Her pubic lips are a little swollen but they're probably dry He wanted to push the pants down further but through his legs he could not not only could not but he could not with his right hand let go of his pussy for a little while Then with his butt up he quickly pulled the clothes off and his whole body was finally free With one hand he reached for the narrow gap again and with the other he began to squeeze his breast again He had little to force for his nonexistent breasts had not been enlarged by the massaging but his skin probably began to tingle for he had a slightly accelerated movement of his hands between his legs Her thighs opened and closed And then he turned to the side with his back to me and I couldn't see his hands but from the swaying of the whole body my fantasy filled the picture()


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