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Sunday was a quiet day for Lee and since Friday morning with Stacey she hasn't slept with any of her sisters all weekend
It was Monday morning Kim and Stephanie were at the University and they weren't expected home until late Marie and April aside the other nurses were at work so they were alone at home
"Hello Lee" said April merrily as she entered the kitchen For some reason the last few days have seemed to be electrified
- You're happy what happened to you? - Lee gave her sister a hug after her kiss
'Oh nothing to do with you' said April as her brother's jeans dragged his bare feet
- What do you mean shorts?
 You're full of questions this morning aren't you? - April smiled again Regardless of the circumstances he loved to tease people and his brother was no exception
- Oh maybe So? - Lee's curiosity grew stronger
- It's just too hot The Sun cries out for short You don't like it?
- Yes very much so That way I can admire your shapely legs all day long and your sexy ass - pressed her sister Lee with a tail big enough to make April feel it in her groin
- Hey it's too early for that "Go and calm down a little and I'll see you later" said April pushing her brother away after giving her another kiss
- What are you blowing me off or something? It's been a while "you know" he raised his eyebrows with a smile; his teeth glistened with the sun coming through the window
 Well I'm glad you came out of your little hole since it first happened but no I don't want to blow you off I just don't feel like it right now That's why I left and left the kitchen after The Last Kiss April with a big smile on her face
- Okay I get it "And it's okay if you don't want to" Cried Lee
"He's so kind how could I resist him for so long She's so cute she wouldn't force anyone to do anything that they didn't want" April thought as she stepped out into the garden "Why does he have to be my brother? If he wasn't I'd have married him already"
Lee took a bowl out of the cupboard filled it with cereal and milk and then went into the living room with it
April's red hair was painted bright by the sun shining through her as she entered the garden Lee almost choked on his cereal when he saw the beauty in the room
- Aren't you going to the gym today? - he finally said it after the cough rush subsided
'No I thought I could take a day off' said April sitting next to her brother - I thought I'd stay here with you unless you're going for a run
Lee shook his head; his mouth was full of breakfast He was planning on going out for a run but now that April wanted to stay with him he changed his mind
- So alone at last What do you think?  April crossed her legs which under the legs of her shorts made her silky elegant thighs look great He turned his body towards his brother his large breasts almost touched Lee's arm; he leaned forward gently and gently ran his finger over Lee's hair like young lovers in the ' 70s His eyes were fixed on the boy's face grasping every movement of his jaw as he ate the cereal
'Yes at last' said Lee swallowing the bite and smiling at his sister caressing her hair with a lover
- Oh if we could always be alone have you ever thought how wonderful that would be? "April paused as she ran through what life would be like if they were not related"
 It'd be perfectwe could finally sleep together we shouldn't be afraid of the others finding out Just you and me  Lee saw the most desirable life imaginable
- Too bad life isn't fair right? "April asked as she drew nearer to her brother holding her breath across the boy's neck as she held close to him
"Yes it is a pity" said Lee quietly laying his head on his sister's head and then they both fell asleep
April woke up alone on the couch It didn't occur to him right away that he and his brother were in a tight embrace He looked at the clock and realized that he had slept a lot: it was two o'clock in the afternoon He rubbed his eyes waited until he got used to the bright sunlight and then he got up and went looking for his brother
Lee was in his room He snuck out gently making sure he didn't wake April He was sleeping so peacefully When he left her her eyes were barely closed but she was fast asleep He seemed so innocent with his head on Lee's chest listening to his heartbeat almost breathing with it Lee needed some time to think things over so he left her on the couch and went up to her room For the last few hours he's been thinking about the two of them what it would be like if it were just the two of them I couldn't stop thinking about it


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