Caught In Public

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To Debrecen in January from pest well it's a long way to go that's for sure I'm a window-dresser and I've been assigned to three major portals by the company
I indicated to the bosses that it would be difficult to do this in a day especially with a trip So they assigned Christ to me who used to do the south and east Hungary aspects of the company Management wanted to make sure that Krista had another girl that morning plus the branch manager who had other things to do here He was driving by the way We took our own car The departure from the centre was very early so that there was still time to work on the site
There was a lot of deliberation on who would sit where but since I'm not sticking to the passenger seat I'm left with the back seat Krista and the new girl finally stopped being Krista sitting down in the back and backwards We're on our way For the first twenty or twenty-five minutes of the journey I confess I slept through it It was cold in the car and the slowly warming-up car made me sleepy sitting in my winter jacket because I didn't take it off it was so cold in the beginning
Gas station Getting dressed Slowly everyone will part with their coats We came up with a bunch of coats which were piled up in our laps because the trunk was full of decorations and even a bag of them had been delivered to the front foot
We got in with Krista and of course in the midst of all the fun two of them put their coats on us from the right and left It was only our heads that showed off It's a big laugh that we look like drunk coat checkers with their clothes on and everything
The January minuses however had yet to penetrate my bones so I sat completely frozen in my place under the coat piles Then I felt from the vibration of the coat that on the other side Krista was the same way He reached over and asked me to warm his hands a little We had a very tight relationship with our hands
Let's go loud music - wake up As an invisible Plexiglas the front pair separated from those in the back seat The music isn't bringing you together it's separating you The car's speaker was at our house which made us hear nothing from what was happening and vice versa There was a lot of laughs up front a lot of talk maybe about a movie or something and somehow the music mixed up with their monotonous conversation so I didn't really care I was looking out while Krista's hand was sweating pretty good
I carefully looked at it indicating our moisture level We split up smiling He and I both wiped it down in our pants separately and then Krista went back for my hand only this time more comfortable in his lap
The blood inside of me was cold because we were clinging to each other in a few inches above his junk under the coats I was waiting for him to get over it and when he'd pull his hand back but he didn't I gently caressed his hand with my little finger which he returned Over time we held each other's fingers He touched his zipper for seconds It was exciting but our hands were sweating again Now I put my hand on his pants too but he didn't move my hand I calmed him down on his thigh and then gently pressed him towards the middle of the pants He was pulling his legs wider and wider sitting with his legs wide open I put my hand on his Nunus through his pants But he didn't move I couldn't even look at him And then with a sudden movement he closed his knees and my hand was stuck all the way in there We stayed that way I started moving my hands In the narrow space I could feel the hilt completely And then the captivity stopped and his legs opened again if possible even more than before My hands were gently searching palpating the curves of his clitoris through trousers I had it At that time I was running a circular motion between my fingers crumbling what was under the cover of the fabric thickness of the pants He put his hands on mine and he dictated some kind of greater movement realistically controlling "and pressed my fingers there And I did it just like your hand said so From the twitch of his thigh I concluded that it might not be so bad for him I tried to compensate for the softening of the tissue with greater hand pressure His clitoris must have grown quite a bit while he was bouncing around under my thumbs
I've been tormenting him like this for five minutes when you can feel his entire lower body moving under my incessant hand
That's when I decided to cross the magic line With one firm move I reached into his zipper and I pulled and pulled down In the meantime the jeans clasp had to be unbuttoned He lifted his butt a little bit and he pushed his jeans a little bit lower All this of course without even the slightest hint of it above the coats


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