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Me and Krista next door MILF had a three-way for a good four months We got together a little drunk at a hotel on my wife's idea I had a crush on the girl in her 50s for a long time and it felt really good to have sex with two women every week or two weeks
Krista hadn't had a boyfriend in three years so she used her dildos to satisfy herself so we finally helped her out She had thick wire-like hair and I used to dig my fingers in her while she was sucking But I liked her giant hairy pussy even more which she didn't have fixed
From the looks of it my partner liked it and on one occasion they had a pretty intense kiss but there was no real action between them
Or a semester went by when Krista once told me she was going to France for three months got a job at her company headquarters We knew he spoke French but we never talked about what he does what he does what he does for a living
I'm pretty bummed about it Especially since it was so sudden that we didn't really get a chance to say good-bye and we needed a good-bye-bye
At the end of October Eve my date spoke
 Krista came home I saw a car with French plates outside her house
- Well that's a good answer He bought a car outside
But I was wrong She called Eva the next day and told her she didn't come home alone she hooked up with a guy out there So the car was his Eva immediately told them to come over That's what happened It was a weekend Krista's kids were out of town and they showed up around 8: 00
- Pierre introduced Krista to him He was tall dark brown hair a few years younger than us and he seemed like the kind of guy a woman our age would go for
- Hi he greeted us with a broken Hungarian smile Turns out his grandfather was Hungarian and he came to Lyon sometime in the middle of the last century
It's no coincidence that Krista fell for him Eve got her attention right away
The conversation was cheerful Pierre didn't speak much English Krista translated for him
When I went to the kitchen for something Krista came after me I couldn't resist telling him:
- I miss you
- I miss you too I really do But you know Pierre and I have great sex and I'll tell you why and then he went back to the room
What can I say? I wasn't fascinated by what I heard But I didn't expect to know how soon I'd know what Krista was talking about I spent like ten minutes in the kitchen trying not to think about what I would do to her
When I came back he was killing in Pierre's lap he was caressing her and Krista was clearly starting to weaken It turns out that the conversation was directed by my boyfriend who was drunk again to sex As it turned out in hindsight he noticed the size of his dick and he really wanted it I walked in on Krista telling me:
 I told him and guess what? he liked it
- Tell me what? I asked
- The three of us
- Don't be sillyI already answered Why did you have to do that? What does he think of us now and of you?
- Very good speech Pierre to whom Krista constantly translated what we are talking about
 Krista said she'd like to be in one of these thingsshe's never done this before
My partner didn't need any more He stood up went up to the Pierre in the chair looked him in the eye and gave him a deep tongue kiss Krista moved away looked at me and then rose from Pierre and came up to me:
- Do you mind? He asked
 I didn't answer if you don't mind being your new boyfriend
- I think Eva deserves something new too and she's been pretty nice to me when - you know
I nodded and stared at them
Pierre was sitting in the chair and as Eve kissed him he began to caress him slowly First the shoulder then the back the waist he was obviously very sensual Yes the French lover
But it was nothing Eve knelt on her lap kissed her neck and then pulled her shirt out of her pants and her chest her belly Meanwhile Krista was hiding with me stroking her thick hair and watching how she felt about all this He seemed to like it and I could tell from his little flickers that he was getting aroused I'm telling you I was getting a hard-on myself
- Now listen Krista said
Eva had already solved Pierre's pants If he got a little drunk he could really let himself go Pierre spread his legs and Eve reached into his pants and froze for a moment He stood up bent over Pierre and in one move pulled off the man's trousers whose enormous tool came out
That's all Eve said:
- Whoa
Pierre's Dick was at least 15 times longer than mine and I've only seen it in movies


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