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- Troubled I don't want to mess up your clothes or Claire's clothes Think what he'd say if he found out I was enjoying his clothes
 That's why we can't leave a trail after the event - mom said
Then with moves that a circus contortionist could have envied he turned to me He knocked over a few shoeboxes when he came down and I could only hope that no one in the hall could hear the noise Then he did it He put my penis in his mouth and I felt like I was in heaven
I didn't care if it was my meticulous and decent mother I didn't care that it would change our relationship forever All I cared about was pleasure I wanted to feel exactly as much sexual relief as he did a little while ago and I understood why he didn't stop me  I couldn't have stopped him either Apparently none of us are strangers to incest
He was a professional experienced suck on my hard stick Her lips were tight around me and her tongue sometimes caressed the tip of my penis Thanks to the blinds it wasn't completely dark inside and I could take out what was going on It was an incredible view of his head moving up and down fast I knew I'd ask you to do it again The lust flooded and I was close to having an orgasm when the room door opened and Claire walked in but she was still looking down the hall talking to someone
- Damn it There he is - I was whispering
- Come on and I'll swallow it Then we stick to the plan - he whispered it back
He started working on my dick again this time even more vigorously than before The pleasant feeling of his mouth made me want to shout but I couldn't if I didn't want to be caught I shot a huge sperm shot right into his throat He swallowed it and continued my caress and Blowjob I put more shots in his mouth Part of the last dose was spilled on his lips which he licked quickly
- Thank you - thank you That was fantastic - I was whispering
Unfortunately before she could stand up the room door closed and Claire was alone in the room I saw him take off his sweater and pants and undress again Jesus she looked good He stepped to the mirror and looked at his appearance with ruffled hair Mom stayed on her knees the whole time We both prayed that Claire wouldn't come to the closet Claire was out of my sight and I didn't want to move after her because I was afraid I'd make a noise Then the closet door suddenly opened
Claire was naked staring down her chin at the sight of her We were all ashamed of ourselves like never before
I looked down and saw that my wet dick was still out there Mom looked at her brother and apparently they were both shocked to see each other like this My penis was still in Mom's hands He had semen on his chin and his clothes were wrinkled in the front making it obvious that I was touching his breasts
Claire suddenly smiled
- Oh my god - he said it half-smirking
Mother - still on her knees-tried to speak:
- Becausewe triedscare you and   Oh my god
Claire licked her lips Mom looked at me all of a sudden My dick's a little twitchy At that moment Claire leaned down and licked my mother's chin very long and swallowed my sperm letting mom know she had nothing to be ashamed of Mom and her sister started kissing wild and I got dizzy from the sight After they finished kissing Claire stood up and said:
- Come on out You look ridiculous stuck in there Did you really think you could scare me?
We crawled out Mom was still embarrassed and ran her wrinkled dress and muttered:
- I didI don't know what to say
I put my dick away too The only person who didn't bother was Claire who remained naked He seemed to be enjoying the moment
- There's nothing to say The Apple doesn't seem to fall far from the forbidden tree in this family


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