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Hospital dating to the boy's delight did not end with the release of the final report
Returning to his unit they often called each other as far as possible In one of these conversations the guy told me that in the next few days he'd be on call in a locator on the edge of the barracks just a few meters from the Riss - bad fence
The food is delivered to him replaced for a few minutes if necessary
The light of the setting sun covered the bottom of the sky with reddish light
The boy was bored with switching millions of switches to reset after the locator commander ordered the day's exercise to be completed
He humbled after the lieutenant who left
He opened the door and from his hiding place he used the mattress sheets which he stole from the warehouse and made the bed
He waved to the passing patrol and began washing at the fire hydrant hose
- Hi - hi
The water on his face splashed down his throat the undiluted foam went into his eyes and it was almost the only thing that prevented him from screaming in fear
- Oh my God You're crazy This is a barracks There's guards here With a gun - he hissed crying to himself about the soap bite
- I know - the other one whispered with a smile - They just left I saw them I waited a while and I came
The boy was waking up
- If they find you here there'll be trouble I won't be decommissioned anytime soon I can go on the run for years - he was a little more relaxedhe was starting to get excited
Seeing her fleeting enthusiasm her pouting lips she tried to turn
- At least get in the locator pod so no one can see you I'm happy for you though
She smiled and followed with curiosity
- I've never seen anything like it - he was amazed stepping up the stairs
During his amazement he made sure that he could see a full view of the body parts covered with only a drop of thong under his skirt
- Woof You waited in bed - He smiled back and threw himself on the sheets
- Don't you close the door? - He inquired bending his hands and feet comfortably
- Yes Only after I go to bed because it can only be opened from the inside if it's locked from the inside
Although the equipment hasn't cooled yet we could use the heat so he thought and he locked the door
She was beautiful Her hair was spread her skirt was up
The boy no longer cared for the consequences and drank with thirst all the features and movements of the babbling girl
She started to undress
He just left a very small light on
He fell down next to the other one He began opening his sandals in a timely almost impertinent manner
Pressed firmly pressing his toes ankles calves he resolved to make every effort to satisfy her As a " punishment "for coming here you will" wring " it out if it is up to you tomorrow you will go home with trembling legs
She was happy to lift her legs to get her hands on the massage
It was no longer deliberate artificial but of absolute nature
The thong under her skirt attracted the boy's eyes like a magnet The top which had originally covered her bosom had already given her attractive pears a good look forcing her partner to swallow heavily
"No No and no"the boy answered to himself and with slowly calculated movements he began to massage the legs which had spread out
He was in the thigh muscles when she was holding hands and trying to pull him closer to her
The boy resisted gently but continued to caress the two thighs alternately from the outside and from the inside without even touching the thong
He felt Of course how he felt on the trembling body that the other was in a rather agitated state but he tried to keep to his original idea that he would first try to get her to orgasm if possible several times and then fill up the already well - groomed worn-out bottle So there's no way to tell the front of the house that he might leave in a hurry and the other one would miss the show
He kept giving me handjobs He carefully avoided the genitals caressed her massaged her grabbed her body her skin
He felt her stomach and side standing rigorously under her breasts
He felt the move that the girl was drawing me back in
You beat him to it
He gently rolled his body into a pose and began again to caress the soles of his feet
He could have sworn she wasn't shaking because she was ticklish
Higher up there was a dramatic change in skin temperature The warm feeling of the feet had already turned to heat on the inner surface of the thighs and the thong was almost baking from the humid heat


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