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I finally got home early tonight I turned on the radio and put bath water in the tub I love sitting in a bathtub for an hour in hot water I got in the hot water and I thought it would be nice to finally get back together with my girlfriend Ildi He's gone away for two weeks for a foreign course I've missed you so much I meant your long brown hair your green eyes your sensual mouthyour nose I saw her beautiful thin figure her long thighs her tiny round bottom her round little breasts with her big pointy nipples I'm turned on The acorn of my prancing cock was over the water When is he coming? He had to arrive today and he said he'd come straight from the station to me
I took out the razor because ever since he left I've been neglecting hair removal There was no reason to I'm the loyal type I shaved it off my groin my scrotum and my penis with gentle movements I think of Ildi all the time When we first met I never shaved there The girls I've known have appreciated my excessive hair They've seen a man's scrotum hairy but they've rarely seen a fur coat like the one on my scrotum And their eyes went straight through the skin of my dick and my foreskin If I let you Because even though Ildi had made a good impression and he liked it after two weeks of knowing me he talked me into shaving myself He had long since stripped his feet so that I could freely muster the pretty lips of his narrow pussy and comfort him with a mouth When he talked me into it he said " Believe me I'll have more pleasure without the hair" But he didn't hide it he was driven by selfish considerations He wants you to have a naked cock a bag in your mouth a sense of yourself And he wants you to see my tool in full size not covered in hair I just thought I'd surprise you with something else Women have always fallen for my tiny round buttocks Ildi loved it always praised it but once he noted it would be even more beautiful if it wasn't hairy With hard work I removed the hair from my buttocks and my opening It wasn't easy I could have thrown the blade in the trash I washed myself again and I stepped out of the tub
I cleaned up and went to the living room with my dick in my dick I opened the window fresh summer night air came into the room I lay down on the bed and as the air currents hit my newly shaved cock bag and rectum I had another terrible hard-on Ildiko where are you? I grabbed my penis and beat the foreskin's skin rhythmically to the bottom of the Acorn When I get excited I never pull the skin up and down on the acorns ' cause that's a lot of hassle I wear my foreskin on my dick day and night and it has grown so far back that even if I forget to pull it back it will pull itself back at the very slight erection when my stake is growing It can hardly be pulled back to the Acorn I used to massage my testicles with my left hand but sometimes with my middle finger I lost myself to my bare anus I didn't have to worry too much My testicles were raised swollen barely fit in my bag I sprayed 12 the first three shots in my hair I was so weak from the long-lived orgasm that I didn't even have the strength to go to the bathroom and take another bath
I fell asleep
I woke up with a warm tongue licking my sperm My face my neck then my breasts then my groin The language was Ildi's He was kneeling over me completely naked I grabbed her round breasts her nipples were as sharp as ever We haven't said a word about what's happened in the last two weeks we've been craving each other so much He pressed his wet mouth against my mouth and played with his tongue on my palate Then I had his head between my legs again When I was masturbating the drops of the last batch that could only be spilled were carefully cleaned off my dick
- Did you miss me that much? - he asked He turned and offered me his sweet little pussy and with his mouth he resuscitated my penis With his tongue on the back of my dick he irritated the part behind the Acorn He was a pro at sex he knew there were nerve endings for boners My dick started to grow fast I used my tongue to penetrate her wet vagina It spilled on my face Suddenly he put my dick halfway in his mouth and started smoking it I was moaning loudly he was wheezing Then he thought and stopped sucking and took away from me what I had wished for for days He lay next to me grabbed my penis down and looked me in the eye and said :
- I wanted you so much the first day that I decided that you now deserve to be told that not only humanly but also sex you are the most appropriate person in my life Your dick is just ideal for me It's not small that I don't feel it it's not small enough to hurt me()


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