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I've been excited about doctor - patient sex for a long time During my marriage this subject was taboo and I never mentioned it to my husband Then I got divorced Since then I've been living the so-called" Singles " life and I quickly realized the perhaps greatest pleasure of this lifestyle: freedom
I spent a lot of time browsing the sex ads to find what I've always wanted I started writing letters to a couple that ran a private practice After a few correspondence we arranged our first meeting We agreed that I would act like I was here for an examination That's what happened
The taxi took me to a nice garden house I introduced myself on the intercom and the door opened On the way in I got a lot of excitement The excitement before the medical examination mixed with the desire to have sex I was gasping and I opened the door a little nervous which led me to the waiting room They didn't pick me up right awayI had to wait Then after a few minutes of suspense the nurse came out and invited me into the office I walked through the door shuddering with desire I didn't know exactly how I felt The only thing I was sure of was that it was a pleasant attractive situation for me The fear of similar investigations has completely disappeared I knew that in the next few minutes I could only have the good stuff and that made me more excited enthusiastic thrilled
When I came in I saw the following picture: behind the desk on the right the doctor was seated Next to me is the usual examination table with the two-foot-holding mechanism When I looked at her there was another warm tingling all over my body starting from my pussy right down my neck I could almost feel my legs open As soon as my pussy is open you can see it for the doctor and he touches it he examines it My thoughts had already raced about the finer pleasures and only by the sight of the nurse had I returned some to the real world I told the doctor I was here for a routine checkup My speech was natural and it fit perfectly with the plan we discussed I almost didn't know if it was an act or if it was real but it just gave the situation a little more excitement The nurse took me to the screen on the left and asked me to take off all my clothes
At first the clothes were slow and fearful but I took my inhibitions off The nurse kept looking at me and it just made my excitement more intense I felt in a place where I was finally able to enjoy myself where I had the greatest pleasure of being exposed When I finished stripping I stepped out from behind the screen and went to the examination table The nurse helped me up and spread my legs and put them in the holders I was lying there naked with my legs open waiting for the test "Doctor"the nurse said and the doctor rose from his chair and came up to me
"Please raise your hands and let me examine your breasts" he said This study of course was more of a petting than a real scientific study The doctor took my breasts into his hands gently stroked them both at the same time and with both hands separately Massaged them worked them out for a long time In the first few minutes I was rather averse to the situation but the tension soon passed My pussy got wet my sighs got deeper
"Does it hurt when I press here?"'the doctor asked and with both hands he began to gently massage one of my breasts
"No doctor"I answered him with no secret delight in my voice Then he repeated his question a few more times and I answered him in a more and more faded tone
"Nurse I need you to examine her breast too"'the doctor ordered his assistant to go to my wet pussy Now the nurse has taken care of my breasts and the doctor has gently touched my pussy I let myself go with the flow and I enjoyed it more than I was ashamed of the fact that the doctor could clearly see from the moisture of my pussy how excited I was At first he'd just spread my lips apart "examine" that entrance and then he'd get into more sensitive areas His fingers found my sensuous clitoris and began to caress slowly()


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