Barebacking In The Bathhouse


- So what now? "I asked sipping in the wine in the passenger seat after catching up with us we were again half way to Fehérvár
 Well you know I love you but is it okay if we keep it a secret for a while?
Of course Peti and Laci may know about us but I don't want to tell my parents yet
- Got it I think we'll tell the kids Sunday night after we get home
- Yeah I thought so too How do you think they'll react?
 If I know Laci I'm sure she'd love to see us together
- Huh That would split them in two
- That's for sure Do you want me to do the four of us?
- Ah I was just kidding
- Yeah I wasn't serious either
- It didn't look like that to me
 Yeah it crossed my mind but I can't imagine it in real life
- And what were you thinking? Hypothetically of course - he smiled
- Well we'd be lying on the side of the bed and they'd be fucking us from behind while we were touching each other's breasts
- Oh you just said that in a voice that made me move down there
- That's what I was trying to do
- How's that by the way? We'd have to be in a tight enough position to get our boobs together because lying sideways with our legs closed it would be difficult for us to let their tools in
- Let's just say we put our upper legs around each other heh or we could swing across each other with our legs about on each other's hips And you'd stick your dick against my belly if it stood up
- You've got some imagination
- Ha But it doesn't matter because it can't be better when we're alone
 I look forward to being in a comfortable bed with you
- Me too - I brushed her hair behind her ear and kissed her lips - Let's start with missionary
- That sounds good
- You couldn't lean on me properly in the car
- Don't tell me ' cause I'm about to ask you to get my dick out
- You want me to pull it out until it goes down?
- No thanks - he smiled
- Oh good School's over in a week
- Yeah
 We can be together on weekdays while our parents work I'm making a cocktail early in the morning
- I'll put my arm around your back while you're at the liquor cabinet kissing the base of your neck
- I'll hold you to that
- Did you ever have to take me at my word?
- No not yet
- There you go - he smiled
- Mind if I smoke? I'll lower the window
- Oh yeah Can I have one of those? Or you could just put it in my mouth and put it in my mouth Oh thanks
By the way my uncle told me that when I got my course and started working he was gonna put me in pest's apartment and I thoughtwould you like to move in with me?
- Really? - yeah
- Oh yeah
- That'd be great
 Then it doesn't matter what our parents think I hope they don't freak out
 Well you'd have an easier time now wouldn't you?
- What are you thinking?
 Since your parents know you're a hermaphrodite I guess they're prepared for you to choose a woman
- Well we haven't talked about that My mom's really into Peti and she's already fantasizing about having grandkids so I don't think she's gonna be very happy
Of course it's not up to them what I do it's just that I don't want to tell them now
We didn't spend much time at his uncle's house in Whitehall we just gave them the wine that Vicki's grandfather sent us and of course we had a few words with him and his wife and Vicki introduced us to their little girls and then we went on to Siófok
We ate all afternoon in the yard and then we split up last night
Peti's parents were supposed to go to some old friends ' barbecue and they said they'd be there till dawn Józsi - we call them-he even added:
- So you can be naughty
I like your sense of humor and your open-minded wife which is far from my parents They have a very balanced marriage with Ilona by the way
They had a good time when they were young before they found each other This is the key
Peti told me that when the four of us were on the playground at the beginning of the previous episode his father told him when he was drunk that his mother sometimes slept with his girlfriend - who I think Peti might have had a hard time with he was so full of it - and they had a threesome once Józsi accepts it because there's only sex between them and he feels that Ilona loves him but sometimes he also needs to be with a woman because it feels different and he would miss him if he couldn't Well luckily I get everything from Viki in one piece
By the way I have a strong suspicion that Ilona is more of a friend of hers and she's just showing off to her husband but I didn't want to go into this conversation with Petii to that extent and then we talked about it between Laci and myself


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